Monday, September 12, 2011

The Crib and Crib Skirt

Jarrod spent his Friday Sabbath putting together the crib. I imagine he'd complain about being forced to "work" on his Sabbath, but he LOVES putting together furniture and probably really enjoyed doing this. Naturally he had lots of help - that's Sophie "helping" hold the crib together.

We liked this crib and another one from Babies R Us but when we went to BRU to purchase that crib no one was available to help us. We pushed the "help" button several times and waited 30 minutes near the crib section, wandering around looking at other things and seeing if anyone was around to help us, but after waiting for that long we decided that BRU didn't really want out money and we left. It's a shame because I really liked this crib better.

At Target we quickly purchased the crib, added items to our registry, and headed home. When I returned home from work the following day, the crib was put together and our nursery was beginning to look like a prison for babies. :-)

On Friday night I cut out the pieces of fabric I needed to make the skirt and on Saturday I sewed them together. The striped fabric made it very simple to cut and hem straight lines - something I'm really not good at. I followed Sherry's tutorial at Young House Love and it worked out great. Our crib doesn't have drawers underneath (although we have added under bed boxes for additional storage!) so our skirt was slightly longer than the one she made. We also had this crazy support bar to deal with as well. I considered leaving the pieces separate in hopes it would lay better, but I'm not convinced it will, so they are sewed together for now.

Rather than using Sherry's no-sew technique, I decided to sew my hems and seams together. The whole process took about 90 minutes start to finish, so really not a big project at all. I think the saving grace was the stripes - it was very easy to decide where to hem and very easy to sew in straight lines.

The skirt is currently attached to the frame using velcro. I did make a few stitches in the velcro attached to the skirt to help it stay a little better. I have not measured for when we lower the crib (our crib has three settings) and might do this before baby comes. Honestly, I was just being lazy and ran out of velcro anyway.
We don't have the mattress yet, but we're hoping to get it in October or November. We plan to use light green, light yellow, and white sheets on the crib. Once baby is here, I know I'll buy at least one blue or pink sheet for it as well. Any moms have an idea on how many sheets we will need? Probably more than I'm thinking right now! :-)

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