Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Pooch Update

For those of you who read my original pregnancy memory about our pastor referencing my "pooch" and how it is not from nachos, I added the video so that you can see how it actually went down.

Thankfully, I have an update. (I know you're relieved!) It wasn't embarrassing enough to have my womb discussed for just one week - our pastor mentioned it again the next week too! While it didn't bother me one bit that Pastor Jim called my baby bump a "pooch" it irked many people in our congregation and I think dozens of people gave him a hard time the week following.

In order to clear his name, he researched the etymology of "pooch" in order to report back to the congregation that it was an appropriate word to use to describe my growing belly.

Check it out here - scroll to 29:55 or so. 

I am hoping that after the last few weeks I'm off the hook for a while! :-)
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