Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Turkey T-shirt for a Toddler!

Wesley isn't quite a toddler, but he's definitely not an infant and moving quickly from being a baby! 
 I'm back with another Pinterest Challenge craft! I warned you that it was coming last week.  Perhaps you'll remember my crusty bread, Ooey Gooey Rocky Road Cookies, homemade yogurt, fabric storage box, last year's Halloween costume, and the pumpkin bread that I posted yesterday. I obviously love the Pinterest Challenge because it forces me to get my behind in gear and do some of the things I'm constantly pinning. A huge thanks to Katie and Sherry for hosting again and our new friends Sarah and Carmel who are joining as hosts for this round!

I found this awesome t-shirt on Pinterest. It's from an Etsy seller and I was pretty sure I could recreate one for Wesley. I had already checked out the "My First Thanksgiving" shirts, bibs, and onesies at Carter's and Target. None of them were special enough for my fancy kid.

First I went to Joann to pick out some fabric. I already had stripes and wanted to match that. I purchased blue, green, white, and red fat quarters.

After I purchased fabric, I got a little brown t-shirt from Hobby Lobby. I had fusible interface at home as well at pins, a needle, and thread to match...or sort of anyway...

Supply List
- Red for turkey gobbler (what's the technical term?)
- White for the eyes
- Blue, brown, or black for the center of the eye
- Orange for the beak
- 4 different colors for the feathers
Except for the feathers, you only need tiny pieces of fabric. The feathers aren't large either, though.
Brown t-shirt or onesie
Thread to match the fabric
Fusible interface - just enough for the fabric pieces
Needle, pins, and scissors
Pattern - Available as a .jpeg and .pdf below

The first thing I did was get out all my supplies. Then I cut out my pattern pieces. First out of paper so I could pin them to the fabric and interfacing. I've found it easiest to cut the fabric and interfacing out at the same time so I pin the pattern piece to the fabric and interfacing and then cut them out. I begin by focusing on the turkey face before worrying about the feathers.
Once my fabric pieces are cut, I line them up on the t-shirt. I pulled the pattern out but kept the pins in so I could pin them to the shirt when I found a good spot for them. Once I had them where I wanted them, I removed the pins and got ready to iron.
I should note that I didn't use two sided fusible interfacing. I should have, but I didn't... Instead of sticking my fabric to my shirt, it just stuck the fusible interfacing to the fabric. That worked out because it will keep the fabric from fraying and makes it thicker - I really like the look. But next time I'll use the two-sided kind.
 Once the pins are out, it's time to iron! I iron the pieces to the interfacing. I am careful to keep the pieces in place and as soon as I'm done ironing, I pin them so they do not move.

I opt this time to hand-stitch the pieces to the shirt. I've used the sewing machine before, but this time I decided to do it by hand. I wanted more control than I'm able to get with my machine. I also wanted a more "homemade" look. Homemade in a good way...not in a crazy way that I normally get with the sewing machine!

The stitching takes me a while, but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Once I finish the front, I begin working on the back. I choose 4 different fabrics and cut out the feathers in coordinating colors. Then I repeat the steps from the front.

Wesley wasn't really into getting his picture taken last night, but I did snap these couple so you could get a sense of what the t-shirt looks like on a little guy!

Obviously this could be made for a bigger child or a smaller baby. A little brown onesie would be precious as well!  

Click here to download the .pdf version of the pattern or save the .jpeg images below.

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  1. Adorable shirt! I love it! I would LOVE for you to link this up at my Ginger Jamboree Link Party!!

  2. This is such a cute idea. I think the patterned fabric make it even cuter than the original. I was going to post that you should have used Wonder Under, but I think you already realized that. Great Job!

  3. did you use regular thread or more of a yarn?

    1. Anonymous-yes! Wonder under is efinitely what I will be using next time!

      Jenny-I used regular thread. For the face I doubled it over but on the feathers I used a single strand.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Replies
    1. Leeann, I got it at Hobby Lobby. I checked at JoAnn but have found that at least in this area Hobby Lobby has the best selection on colored plain tshirts and onesies.

  5. LOVE THIS!!!, going to make an adult size for my daughter's boyfriend next year when he will get to be with us, He will LOVE this!



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