Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Goals - October Update

I'm a few days late on our October Update this month. I spent the weekend walking 60 miles and am home recovering today. The year is coming to a close and I'm really pleased with how far we've come with our goals. It's crazy to think that this month we will celebrate Thanksgiving and head quickly towards Christmas! Things are still busy around here, but we're having a blast!

Family Goals
  • Become debt free in 2012 - This month we paid over $1,600 on debt. This brings out 2012 total to over $32,000 down on debt! We won't be debt free this year, but we're looking at being debt free by February of next year. Making big strides!
  • Have 10 date experiences in 2012 - Jarrod and I had a date day in October. We went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Fort Worth and ate lunch at a food truck park. It was necessary and we talked about how we really need to do that more often. We are sitting at 7 dates so far in 2012. 
  • Have 10 family days in 2012. - We did several things as a family this month. We went to a pumpkin patch, a Halloween dance, and Trunk or Treat at church. Because some of those things were work related, we'll count all three as just one. :-) We're still at 8 events this year. 
Leanne's Goals
  • Hit pre-pregnancy goal weight by April 1st and maintain it throughout the year - After amending and changing things slightly, I'm officially at my pre-pregnancy weight and working to maintain that. Nursing is definitely helping, so heaven help me when I stop that! 
  • Walk 300 days in 2012 in preparation to walk all 60 miles in the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure - Last month I told you that while I'd kept walking, I stopped keeping track... I am still not keeping track, but I am still walking!  
  • Finish fundraising (raise $2,300) by September 1st - Done! And pretty soon I'll begin fundraising for 2013! 
Jarrod's goals
  • Lose 10 pounds. - Jarrod has stopped weighing himself. He's not quite as militant about goals as I am...He started running and did that few weeks. I'm working on encouraging him to do that or find something he loves to do. 
  • Get content ready, publish blog, and gain some notoriety. - Jarrod's blog is continuing to do really well!
  • Try one new exciting recipe a month. - Jarrod made a delicious bacon creme brulee! I'd hoped to share the recipe with you today, but it's not ready. Soon!! 

How do you set goals? How do you hold yourself accountable?
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