Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Week in my Life: Saturday

I enjoyed Dusty's A Week in my Life so much that I thought I should try it myself! I've done my average day, but my days are all so random that there really isn't an average day. So here's the average week - which really isn't that average! Read more about a week in my life here!
7:15am - Wesley is making noise.

7:20am - Time to pump!

7:40am - Jarrod gets Wesley and changes him. He brings Wesley in to me to nurse. I love slightly lazy Saturdays!

8am - I bundle up because it's VERY cold outside!

8:10am - 4 mile VERY COLD walk.

9:05am - Back home. Ready for toast, water and a shower!

Shower and get ready. Pack Wesley's bag and mine. Nurse Wesley.

9:45am - Out the door!

9:58am - Drop Jarrod off at the church and head to Target with Wesley. I need a cowboy hat for Wesley's costume and a variety of things from Target.

10:03am - Cowboy hat secured! I had to go to the Halloween store, but I got a children's cowboy hat for $7 that will work great.

On my way into Target I realize Wesley is wet... His diaper bag is in the car so I decide to rush around Target and change him in the car when I'm done... You can judge me. :-)
 I found a few things at Target that were too cute not to capture on my camera...

I think we need this... 

10:45am - Target done, diaper changed, outfit changed, and we're back to church! I notice that Wesley has started making the hard "g" sound! Way to go, Wesley!

11am - Arrive at the church fall festival. Visit with folks and listen to Jarrod's praise band play music.

12:10pm - Jarrod, Wesley, and I eat lunch. Jarrod has frito pie and I have taco soup.

12:45pm - There is a health fair at the festival so I decide to get my flu shot. The nurse sticks me while I am wrangling Wesley. Definitely hurts!

2pm - We're ready to leave the Fall Festival. We stop at the grocery store. Jarrod runs in for 2 quick things: cat food and eggs.

2:20pm - Home and naptime for Wesley. I start making 6 loaves of pumpkin bread for church tomorrow.

3pm - First batch of pumpkin bread is in the oven and I start on Wesley's turkey t-shirt.

3:45pm - Wesley wakes up. He's incredibly pissed off - which is unusual. He normally wakes up fairly pleasant... Then I realize he hasn't nursed in hours! I immediately feed him and he nurses for 20 minutes or so!

More crafts and playing.

4:20pm - Leave to go back up to the church.

4:30pm - Quick detour to pick up my charm bracelet. Jarrod got me a new charm for breast cancer awareness month.

4:56pm - Arrive at church, hang out, and eat community dinner. One Saturday a month our church opens it's doors to the community for a meal. It's always very fun and we meet lots of interesting people.

6pm - Wesley is just about done so it's time to leave.

6:15pm - Bath for Wesley.

645pm - Playtime with mom and dad.

705pm - Prayers and bed for Wesley!

Jarrod makes pancakes and I make more pumpkin bread.

745pm - It's been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer. We settle in on the couch with Grey's Anatomy, Up All Night, and The Office. I finish Wesley's Turkey t-shirt.

9:40pm - Get cleaned up and ready for bed.

Jarrod and I read the Bible, discuss it, and go to bed. Lights are out by 10pm. 
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