Thursday, November 8, 2012

Personal Pinterest (P)Challenge

Wednesday nights are my favorite. Jarrod has choir practice so he goes to work around lunchtime and doesn't get home until after 9pm. I leave work a little bit early to get Wesley and we have a Wednesday date night. It's my absolute favorite. It's also some of the only time that I'm home alone (with Wesley asleep) so I try to plan some projects.

Last night I did a few different projects (after doing 3 loads of laundry, cleaning the kitchen, putting away clothes, and running the dishwasher!) that I'm really excited about.

The first thing I did was completely practical. Wesley has lots of oatmeal cereal (thanks to a very dear friend!) and has started getting really good at eating table table food. I wanted to give him some teething biscuits to add to his puff diet. :-) He loves feeding himself puffs, which is why I thought these biscuits were perfect!
Sidenote: Wesley is a fantastic eater. It takes him a time or two before he really gets the hang of some foods, but he's done a fantastic job with everything we've introduced. He has had stew, taco soup, beans, and recently has fallen in love with zucchini pizza! Basically, if it's on a spoon, he'll eat it! 

I baked a whole pumpkin last week to make food for Wesley, so I used pumpkin puree rather than a ripe banana, and they turned out great! I rolled them out with a tall glass and cut them into circles using the glass. Then I cut them in half so make easy-to-hold biscuits! We gave him one this morning and he wasn't that interested, but we'll definitely try again tomorrow and eventually he'll get the hang of it.

The next two projects were completely selfish. The first was a photoshop project that has been on my Craft Pinboard for months.

Source: via Leanne on Pinterest

This etsy store is absolutely precious, but I knew I could steal the idea and make it fit our family. I used a different font and changed things up a bit, but I'm pretty excited about it. I'm still playing around with colors - I'm not sure where it will end up and I need to figure that our before I settle on a color.

The final project I made was actually a snack. When I first saw this recipe for honey butter popcorn on Finding Joy in my Kitchen, I knew we'd love it. We make popcorn on the stovetop pretty often but normally Jarrod makes it. He makes it spicy or savory and I like my popcorn a little sweeter. This was a perfect balance!

Rather than salting the final product, I salted the oil when I made the popcorn. This may have been a mistake as I wasn't able to really gauge how much salt I used. It was over salty for me, but Jarrod said it was perfect. It's definitely one I will try again to see if I can perfect the balance of salt to sweet.

So that's what I've been up to. I have trouble sitting still when I'm home by myself. I know I should catch up on TV or rest or something, but I end up doing projects like this.

What do you do with "free" time? Do you find projects like this relaxing like I do?
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