Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wesley Wednesday - Our 10 month old boy!

Wesley turned 10 months old on Sunday. I cannot believe he's hit double digits! 

Dear Wesley,

This month you turned into a little boy. You have one tooth (#2 is going to break through any day!) and a strong personality. You are incredibly mobile and I pray you realize crawling is much quicker than walking. The way you're standing and moving around furniture makes me think walking will be here before we know it. You have absolutely no fear and fall, tumble, or bonk your head at least every few hours. You see pillows as mere obstacles and climb over them with ease. We try to barricade you with our legs and you just scale them. Nothing holds you back.

You're still a little man, but you're eating more and more table food. Your legs are really chunking up. Daddy says it's muscles, but I think it's baby chunk! You still are in mostly 9 month clothes. Your onesies are still 6 months mostly. Your legs must be long because your 9 month pants jumpers are starting to get a little short. I'm surprised you're still in some 6 month stuff, but am thankful for lots of wear!
You still eat purees every now and then - maybe once a day - but you're also eating whatever we're eating. You love beans, stew, chili, chicken, zucchini pizza bake, quinoa, broccoli, and pasta. We will give you little tastes of whatever we happen to be eating and you haven't had any problems yet. It's keeping me on my toes to make sure we're cooking things from scratch and not using anything overly processed or preserved. We even baked pumpkins this week and you ate pumpkin puree and pumpkin pancakes made from scratch!

You are the happiest kid ever. You love watching people and telling them all about it. You know you're funny and have started mimicking sounds and laughter. If Daddy and I laugh, you laugh. It's incredible. You make lots of sounds - m, d, g, p, ch, s - you blow raspberries and sing. You love talking to yourself and listening to all the sounds you can make. Drool is everywhere. :-)

A few weeks ago you associated the sounds "mama" with me. It happened over time, but my heart melts every time. Daddy declared it officially your first word. You also say "dada" and seem to know who that is too. It's such fun.

Daddy and I are worried we have a serious tantrum thrower on our hands. It's no surprise, you come by it honestly. When you don't get what you want the SECOND you want it - you throw a fit. A serious, toss-your-head-back, red-faced, screaming fit. It's awesome when it happens during church... Thankfully, these moments are few and far between. We try not to give in and give you what you want and are learning how to discipline. It's hard to believe you aren't a little baby and we need to set boundaries for you.

You hate holding still so diaper and wardrobe changes aren't pleasant. When you get tired you will also get a little ornery. About 11 hours out of the day you are very happy, so we'll take an hour of fuss spread throughout the day.

You are ticklish and funny. You love people and are such a ham. You don't nap during the day at school or if anything is going on. You don't want to miss anything during the day. You go to sleep around 7pm and sleep straight through until about 7am. It's delightful and we know we're very lucky.

We love you more each day! We are so thrilled to be chosen to be your parents. It's the most challenging and most rewarding job in the whole world. You make the world such a better place. We are so excited about sharing the holiday season with you, little man! Halloween was fun, but we know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be even more magical! 

Mama and Daddy. 
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  1. Awww, what a little personality! Can't believe how fast time has flown. And I'm jealous that you're already getting "mama" and "dada"--I'm waiting anxiously for those first words too! :)



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