Monday, November 19, 2012

Young House Love {West Elm Dallas Book Signing Recap}

I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm an avid Young House Love reader and fan. I have read every blog post written and was thrilled when I found out that John and Sherry would be coming out with a book! I was even more thrilled when I found out that they'd be coming to Dallas on their book tour! I immediately blocked off the day on my calendar, knowing that I'd be there with bells on! (Or at least with two cute boys!)

This past Saturday morning Jarrod and I got up and drove about 20 minutes up the road to meet Sherry and John face to face. I tried on about 47 outfits before settling on hot pink skinny jeans, black tank top, and black cardigan.

We arrived about 75 minutes before the official book signing began and the line was already down the street! We got in line and began the wait.
After about 15 minutes, West Elm opened their doors and we weaved our way inside. There was blue painters tape on the floor to keep us in an organized line. The doors opened and we were able to get inside, but the line remained down the street and continued to wind around the block over the course of the morning.
Our view for most of the morning.
Wesley was surprisingly good. In fact, there were incredible babies who were equally as awesome. I think they knew they were in the presence of amazing parents. :-)

We quickly made friends with others waiting in line. Natalie from Oklahoma and her husband were directly behind us. The husbands commiserated and made fun, but really enjoyed themselves. Just before 11am we geeked out because John and Sherry came out!
 We drank hot chocolate and ate delicious cookies while we waited. They were delicious. Natalie from Oklahoma got a good one on her camera of both of us with our cookies. Are you out there, Natalie? I'd love to see the picture!
After cookies, we continued to wait a little while, but by 11:45am or so, we were suddenly at the front of the line! We were all so excited. We made a lot of ceramic animal jokes and talked about chevron.
In line we discussed how we could be memorable without being creepy. I decided I was going to ask Sherry to sign my baby. Straight across his face. We all thought it was so funny. Of course, by the time I got up to the table, I'd completely forgotten everything I was going to say... I also forgot my own name...

And the name of my son...

My hands might have gotten a little clammy...

But Sherry and John were so friendly and excited! I gave them some chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bread. Sherry said that John LOVES seasonal things and he'd love it. They took my books and we got down to signing.

I'd brought my book from home but purchased one from the store to have them sign for my dear friend Renee. She had a baby earlier this week and I knew she'd love the book. I told them about Renee and John signed it like this:
We talked about Katie Bower and how we hope her baby boy comes soon! (As I'm typing, she's being induced and I'm praying for a safe and healthy delivery!) John said he wished baby boy #2 would have been born on his birthday earlier in the week.

Then they asked Wesley's name and commented about him being so cute. Or something like that.
Jarrod took this picture. I cannot tell you how exciting this moment was for me. I also need to say that John and Sherry were so warm, friendly, and funny. I mean, in my brief 45 second interaction, they were exactly as I'd expect. We talked about cookies, kids, Katie Bower, Clara and Wesley (sorry, Will, there's a new man in town!), and perhaps that's all...

After they signed my book, I signed theirs! I have no idea what I wrote... I don't know that I even acknowledged Jarrod. While I did this, I waited for the two girls behind me in line. We decided we'd take a picture together. Sherry liked that. "Line friends!"

We were out of the store by noon on the dot. The line was well out the door, around the corner, and down the street. Jarrod had a fantastic time, Wesley was a champion, and it was definitely one of the best Saturday mornings ever!

A huge thanks to Sherry and John for traveling, writing an awesome book, allowing us to invade their life, and letting this turbo-awkward girl geek out on a Saturday!
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  1. Just had to thank you guys so much for coming out! We had so much fun and your tasty treats were delicious! Thanks so much for braving the line and being so much fun!

    Sherry (& John)

    1. I hate that I haven't responded to this comment. I've had the e-mail sitting in my inbox everyday because it makes me so happy. :-) Thanks for the comment, Sherry! It was a pleasure meeting you and John!



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