Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Letter

Dearest friends and family,
Unlike last year where we shared our 2011 highlights in our Christmas card, Jarrod and I decided to share our highlights in the form of a letter on the blog! Welcome to our friends, family, and loved ones. Feel free to take a look around - this is our small corner of the internet.

Without further ado, here's our 2012 update!

Obviously 2012 was the biggest and most exciting year we've ever had. On January 11, 2012 we welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby boy: Wesley Daniel.
After 36 hours in the hospital we went home with our boy and began to live life as a family of 3. Wesley fell right in step with our busy lives. He helped Leanne do projects around the house during her maternity leave and loves snuggling on the couch with Jarrod.

In March, Wesley went on his first road trip and we celebrated our sister's wedding!
We celebrated with lots of family and fun. Wesley had a great time and we are thrilled that Uncle Philip is an official part of the family now.
Leanne's maternity leave ended the Monday after the wedding. We were blessed to have the world's best nanny watch our boy while we were at work. Wesley loves his Nanny Haley and we're so thankful for her.

In April we celebrated Leanne's 30th birthday and Wesley's baptism! It was a beautiful day full of family and friends.
May started a very busy travel season. Wesley went to Waco, took a road trip to Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri with mama and Aunt Courtney, and missed Daddy while he traveled for work. By July we were back together, traveling to visit friends in Louisiana!

We had a fantastic family vacation - Wesley did great in the car and loved meeting his Louisiana family. By August it was time for Wesley to start school! He now goes to daycare 4 days a week. We love his teachers and he loves playing with his new friends. He doesn't nap at school because he's too busy playing! (Thankfully, he sleeps all night!)
This summer Wesley started eating table food. Until mid-July, Wesley had only had breast milk. We started slow and made all of his purees at home. He loves sweet potatoes, apple sauce, bananas, and puffs!

In July Jarrod also gained some notoriety by writing devotionals for the Young People's Ministries, a division of the General Board of Discipleship for the United Methodist Church. His blog, The Liturgy Nerd, is a fantastic outlet for Jarrod's creativity.

September began with the start of a new ministry - we decided to start a young adult group in our home. We invited couples, college students, young married friends and their kids, and others in our midst we thought would benefit from community. The first night was a huge hit and we've loved sharing in food, fellowship, and lots of fun with our friends each Thursday night.

Another first we celebrated in September was Jarrod's preaching debut! Jarrod announced to the church during the message that he'd begun than candidacy process towards becoming an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. Our family has started an exciting and crazy new journey in ministry as we work through this process.

As soon as September was over, we were on the road again! Wesley had a few days of family fun in Oklahoma City while we went to Kansas for a conference. We attended Leadership Institute 2012 at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. We had a fantastic time but missed our little man like crazy!
We were all cowboys for Halloween this year. Wesley was absolutely precious. He's too little to really understand Halloween yet, but he sure looked cute!

The weekend immediately following halloween was the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure. Leanne walked 60 miles again and raised over $2,300 in the fight against breast cancer. Jarrod and Wesley spent the weekend cheering! Leanne's already signed up to walk again next year - you can join the fight by donating today!

Thanksgiving was here before we knew it! Wesley had a fantastic Thanksgiving and was even able to enjoy some turkey, mashed potatoes, and veggies! He also wore a super cute turkey shirt!
We have lots of fun things planned for December including Jarrod's 31st birthday and Wesley's first Christmas. We are so excited to celebrate this beautiful holiday season with our little man. We're working hard to keep things simple. God has blessed us with more than we could ever need so we are focusing on ways to bless others.
We pray that your holiday season is filled with peace, joy, and compassion to carry you through the year.
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