Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eleven Months

Wesley turned 11 months old on the 11th. We took photos that day, but it took me a little while to edit them and I'm just getting to posting this now...

Words cannot express how strange it is to be writing an 11 month update for our little man. On one hand, I cannot imagine our life before Wesley. On the other hand, how has it already been 11 months!! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. Time is sure flying!!

Dear Wesley,

You are such a big boy these days. You are incredibly mobile - crawling from room to room, down the aisle at church, and all over your school. You climb, pull up, stand, take steps assisted, and crawl at an incredible pace. You sit, but usually not for always have sometime to do! You love music and have started singing along in the car and at church. You love when your daddy and I sing to you, especially if it's a song with your name in it.

You've begun to really assert your personality this month. You are strong-willed, stubborn, and incredibly happy. You smile, flirt, and love people. You make friends everywhere we go. If someone walks past you at church or the grocery store, you follow them with your eyes until they smile at you. You aren't used to people walking past without saying hello to you! You're very social, but usually take your time warming up to new surroundings or a crowd. You also started getting rather clingy this month. You cling to mama or daddy when someone asks to take you. You definitely have your favorites! Once you warm up to someone, you'll go to pretty much anyone!
We get some great pictures of you throughout the month, but the one above really captures your personality. You were screaming in this picture. It's a cross between glee and frustration. We're entering a period where communication is incredibly difficult. You get frustrated very easily because we don't always understand you. You also get frustrated when we refuse to give you what you want. We're continuing with baby sign language, but you haven't caught on yet. We've heard that talking to you as we do daily tasks will really help with your communication and language. We talk all the time. You sit at the table with us for breakfast and dinner and share in the daily discussions. When we go shopping I tell you what we're doing. You talk back and make lots of interesting sounds. 

You get your hard-headedness from mama for sure. If you decide you don't want to eat something, we literally have to push something into your mouth to remind you that you like it. You suddenly became a picky eater this month also, but I think that is because of texture issues and stubbornness. We introduced more meats this month and it took you a while to understand the toughness. We did discover that you LOVE bacon! :-) 
You're still a very little guy. You were never a chunky baby. We attribute that to being such an active kid. The onesie you're wearing in this photoshoot is the same that you've worn for most of the photoshoots. It's a 6 month onesie and still fits. It's snug and we don't wear it out, but it works fine for this! 

Christmas time is here and it's been a really interesting time for us. You love Christmas lights and have really enjoyed watching our tree light up each night. You aren't very interested in the tree, but we did move the ornaments up out of your reach. We are so excited to share your very first Christmas with you!

You are the happiest, most joyful baby I've ever met. You're stubborn, strong-willed, short tempered, and silly. You love to be tickled and don't really stop moving during the day. You love school, church, and people. You have blessed our life in the most incredible ways. We adore you, little man.

Mama and Daddy
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