Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jarrod's birthday

If you follow us on Instagram (@cookinwiththejohnstons) you probably saw all of our fun dinner posts from Friday night. Jarrod celebrated his 31st birthday this weekend. In true foodie fashion, we hit up 4 different restaurants - some of the best in Dallas. Wesley had a great night with Jarrod's folks while we partied hard...until about 9:15pm. :-)

Jarrod had no idea what our plans were when we left the house at 4:45pm on Friday afternoon. Our first stop was Sushi Zushi - the best sushi happy hour in Dallas. The traffic was terrible, so it took a while to get there, but it did not disappoint. Jarrod was thrilled and we really enjoyed edamame and a couple of sushi rolls. Jarrod loves Japanese restaurants because they have rice beer - gluten free!

We finished up our sushi and hit up The Grape. I read that the Happy Hour was the best in Dallas. Another beer for Jarrod, a delicious wine for me, and hand-cut fries! Absolutely incredible.

 After The Grape, we decided to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert for later. We were insanely stuffed and had some time to kill before dinner, so we stopped in for cupcakes. Sprinkles always has gluten-free red velvet and Jarrod claims it is delicious. We packed up 4 cupcakes for later and headed to dinner.

For dinner we went Kent Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen. Everything we had was incredible. I had a peach margarhita that was delicious. Jarrod had a cocktail called the big daddy, which was also incredible. We had homemade bread, including little mini biscuits and cornbread. I got the fried chicken with mashed potatoes. Jarrod went with the steak, blue cheese mashed potatoes, and carrots. We got brussels sprouts to share. 

It was hands-down the best fried chicken I've ever had. Crispy, juicy, and not at all greasy. I ate myself silly. The dessert menu looked incredible, but there simply wasn't any room left. We looked at Christmas lights and took our time heading home. We arrived around 9:15pm to hear that Wesley had a great time. 

Jarrod received three gifts throughout the night - one after each restaurant. The first was a grater that Jarrod had been pining over. The second was a scraper - he asked for one like this, but I thought this one was even better! 
Finally, after dinner, I presented him with this...

That's a mandoline. We already had the musical version, so I thought Jarrod could use the kitchen gadget. Besides that, he's been asking for it for months! He hasn't used it yet, but I know he will find lots of different uses for it. I might need to get him mesh gloves just to make myself feel better about it! 

Overall, it was a delightful night. I had a great time surprising Jarrod with each turn. I loved the conversation, not being interrupted, and talking about our life. We don't get out without Wesley much and it's really nice to do every now and then. We love our kid, but it's wonderful to have adult conversation! We talked a little bit about work, but really just talked about life. We discussed some of our goals for 2013 - get ready for those! 

We celebrated Jarrod's birthday 2 days early. Tomorrow I'll share what we did on his actual birthday - it wasn't nearly as fun as this celebration!

What do you do to celebrate birthdays?
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