Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Poor, sick Wesley

One of my biggest fears in life is vomiting. I know that no one likes vomit, but I abhor it. I cannot handle vomit. I plug my ears, pretend to be sleeping, and remove myself from any situation that includes vomit. I knew that being a parent would bring me face to face with my fear. I prayed for a child with a strong stomach and the ability to handle everything that came my way...

You know where I'm going...

Sunday was Jarrod's 31st birthday. He woke up early and left the house to prepare for church around 7am. Wesley still wasn't up at 7:45am - I went in to check on him. He'd spit up a little bit on his sheets, but was his normal, chipper self! I changed his clothes, cleaned him up, fed him breakfast and got ready for church. At 8:50am (we were running late!) I switched off the light in the kitchen and Wesley puked all over me.

I should sidebar and say that I adore church. I love listening to my sweet husband sing. I love the music. I love church. I was sad that this bought of vomit meant I wouldn't make it this morning. 
We immediately went to the bath. I stripped him and me in the bathroom and got us both cleaned up. Wesley was acting completely normal so I figured this was fluke. Sunday evening we were celebrating a contemporary Christmas service at church - one that I've looked forward to since last year. He couldn't be sick...

But he was. He was sick all morning. Jarrod came home (rather than going to birthday lunch with our friends) and he was sick. I called the on-call nurse around 2pm and had lost count at how many times he'd puked. My sweet boy couldn't keep anything down - not water, puffs, banana, or breast milk. The nurse was fearful of dehydration and instructed me to give him water or breast milk about every 30 minutes for 5 minutes at a time. He seemed starving but would nurse until I pulled him off, scream for 10 minutes, calm down, and puke. Rather rinse, repeat.

Jarrod left for church again at 2:30pm. I'd already had 3 baths myself (plus my normal morning shower) and done 7 loads of laundry. I felt terrible that Jarrod wasn't having the special birthday we'd planned. I felt terrible for my sweet little man. We snuggled most of the day and I gave God thanks for the special time with my little boy. I didn't check anything off my to do list, but I was so thankful to have a little boy to snuggle. I was thankful for access for health care and a very wonderful on-call nurse. I'm also thankful that I didn't need to take Wesley to school on Monday. I know it was a huge challenge for many mamas, dads, and caregivers to take their kiddos to school for the first time after the tragedy on Friday. Although the reason was terrible, I'm thankful for one extra day to snuggle my sweet boy before putting him back in school.

Our plans for the day originally included church, shopping for a birthday card for daddy, birthday lunch with our friends, and a beautiful evening worship service. None of these things happened. By the end of the day (around mid-night, thanks to a dog that peed in our bed and a kid that threw up in our bed) I was exhausted and emotionally drained. I cried a lot. Wesley was up a lot at night, but managed to keep everything down. Monday was a slow, restful day for both of us. He slept a lot and I worked from home - thankful for flexible colleagues.

I'm so glad that Jarrod and I were able to have a special birthday celebration on Friday, because Sunday was definitely NOT a celebration! I'm thrilled that Wesley is on the mend. He's still not 100% yet, but he's doing well. And thankfully, no one else has caught his illness. I'm praying it stays that way!

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