Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday {It's good to be prepared}

Last Wednesday I was on my way home from work. I pick Wesley up on Wednesdays because Jarrod works late. I try to leave work early to get him from daycare before 5pm. It was about 4:57pm and I was a few blocks from his school. I was frustrated that I'd left work later than I meant to - for some reason I feel like to be a good mom I need to get Wesley before 5pm...His daycare is open until 6:30pm, so this is completely silly.

Anyway, it's about 4:57pm on Wednesday and I'm sitting at a red light. It's a 4-way intersection right in front of our town's high school. I'm on the phone with my sister - we're talking about life or something - and a car accident happens in the middle of the intersection. I gasp for a split second but then begin to panic - the cars are headed straight for me! One car spun into me and we hit the car next to me. My cell phone went flying - my thoughts were immediately on my sister.

"I'm fine! Courtney, I'm fine!"

Yeah, I'm screaming, hoping she can hear me. I finally locate my phone, I can hear her calling to me, asking if I'm okay. I grab the phone and tell her I'm fine, but that she needs to call Jarrod. I was confused, and had the phone upside down... Once I got it right, I gave her the intersection and tell her to call Jarrod. "Call Jarrod right now. Tell him to get down here right now." Thankfully Jarrod was at work just a few blocks from me.
Turns out that Courtney thought I hit a pedestrian. She didn't hear the crash, only knew that I dropped my phone, so she assumed that I his someone. Thanks, Courtney.
A car going straight through the light is hit from a car turning left through the intersection, although I don't know that at the time. Thankfully, even though there were 4 cars involved in the accident, everyone was fine. We all got out, exchanged information, and waited on the police. I didn't worry much about the information - I have great insurance and obviously wasn't at fault. The police were fantastic and took good care of us.
That's Stella on the right...
Before too long Jarrod arrived. He picked up Wesley and came straight over. Wednesdays are his busiest night, so I was thankful he could come. We waited, spoke with the cops, but were eventually on our way about 45 minutes later. The car was towed and we had the police report.

Jarrod went back to work and I took Wesley home for dinner, bath and bed. I had to sort through some insurance stuff, but it didn't take more than a few minutes. Because I was stopped at the red light, I had no anxiety about being at-fault. Because we have an emergency fund, even if we needed to pay our deductible before being reimbursed, everything would be fine. Because we have great insurance that covers total-loss, I knew whatever happened, I'd end up with a car. The hundred bucks we pay each month is more than worth it to know that everything would be taken care of.

We were prepared. We have car insurance, an emergency fund, and a safety net. Because of this, the car accident was simply an inconvenience. We are just a few months shy of being debt free, so we will not be using this as an excuse to get a car note, upgrade, or get something nicer. Within 24 hours I was driving a rental car, thanks to our car insurance. I am bruised, sore, and still shaken up, but I am fine. I'm more than thankful that everyone was okay. I am overjoyed Wesley was not in the car with me. I've been receiving regular chiropractic care for years and am thankful that I can continue that. It feels like just yesterday that we got Stella and now it looks like we may need to replace her with someone new. :-)

Over the past week since the accident, Wesley had his first incident report at school (took a tumble, fear of concussion, completely fine!), we lost a dear friend, and we are preparing for two huge work events this weekend. In the midst of a crazy season, it's nice to be reminded what really matters.

I will keep you posted as we hear more from insurance. I'm praying the car isn't totaled, but my assumption is that it is. any advice on finding an inexpensive car? We got a GREAT deal on Stella after our settlement from that accident and plan to do things the same way this time!

How do you prepare for the unexpected?
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