Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Edit: I took some photos of Wesley before we went to a rehab center and party this evening. Here are just a few of my favorites: 

Jarrod, Wesley, and I celebrated Halloween a few days early with Trunk or Treat at church. Kids are invited to go from trunk to trunk in the parking lot to collect candy. Members of the congregation decorate their trunks in different themes and dress up. It's a blast.

I hope to get some good pictures tonight before we head out for Halloween, but here are some of the ones I captured at church... 

 Wesley loved the pearl snaps!
 I don't know what I'm looking at...
 Wesley LOVED this game. He kept crawling towards it. I had to put him down from time to time because he wanted to crawl around!
It was VERY sunny and gorgeous!

Obviously we're cowboys/girls. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How will you be celebrating?
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A Week in my Life: Wednesday

I enjoyed Dusty's A Week in my Life so much that I thought I should try it myself! I've done my average day, but my days are all so random that there really isn't an average day. So here's the average week - which really isn't that average! Read more about a week in my life here
Js alarm goes off at 5:45am, 5:55am, and 6:05am before he hits the road for a run.

6:30am - my alarm goes off - time to pump! I am groggy from the Dramamine I took last night before bed but feeling better than I did when I went to sleep.

7am - Pumping done, I'm out of the shower and Jarrod has Wesley ready to eat!

7:20am - Wesley done nursing and it's time for breafast.

7:50am - I clean Wesley up from breakfast, change his clothes because it's time for a picture!

7:55am - I'm running a little bit late but am finally out the door with my breakfast and three bags, camera diaper bag purse etc.

Wesley and Daddy play together on Wednesday morning. 
Lots of traffic and my gps detoured me 3 times! Arrive at work at 8:35am anyway.

11:10am - Leave to pick lunch for me and Jenny. I'm taking her lunch at the hospital. 

11:27am Day officially made! Cute food truck guy said "I called it! I said you were cute on the phone!" Sounds sorta creepy in the retelling but I promise it wasn't. Made my day. :)

11:36am - Pump in hospital parking garage. Food smells amazing!!

11:45am - Visit with Jenny. She's been in the hospital for a very long time and it's awesome to see her. We enjoy lunch together and I introduce her to the magic that is bread pudding.

1:15pm - Leave hospital and start heading to another meeting.

1:38pm Arrive at meeting early so I pump in the McDonald's parking lot and work. Eat more bread pudding...

3pm - Done with my meeting. Check email in the parking lot and make some meeting notes on my phone.

3:30pm - Pick up Wesley. He's so happy to see me. He kicks his feet and it is the best part of my day.

3:45pm - Arrived home. Change clothes, fill my water bottle, nurse Wesley, and we load up the car and we're out again! We leave by 4:10pm.
Our sweet youth minister friend gave Wesley some sticks to play with!

4:45pm - Arrive at a church to interview and take pictures about their back to school program. Wesley is great and we have a lot of fun. It's awesome to see a church doing simple, yet life-changing ministry.

6pm - After an hour and 15 minutes of wrangling Wesley and helping students with their homework, it's time to go home. Wesley is not happy about a late dinner tonight. I sing most of the way home in hopes that he'll stop screaming. It worked a little bit...

6:45pm - After we get home we immediately get dinner going. I also switched laundry, started a new load, and eat dinner with the boy.

7:10pm - I decide to take Wesley for a walk.  We just do a mile because  it's dark and already passed Wesley's bedtime.

7:30pm - Quick bath time. Thankfully, although Wes is tired, he is still happy!

7:35pm - Rocking and nursing my clean boy. Such a sweet time.

7:55pm - Wesley has fed and I am finally done snuggling. I put him to bed and he goes right to sleep.

I do laundry, empty the dishwasher and get some work done. I have items to catch up with from my meeting this afternoon.

8:55pm - Finally stop working. Where did the hour go?? Shower and get ready for bed. Jarrod is still at work.

9:10pm - Jarrod is home and we catch up about our day. We get cleaned up and ready for bed.

9:40pm - We start private practice from last night.

10:20 - I snuggle Wesley. I cannot get enough of him! Jarrod and I pray with him before heading to bed.

10:40pm - In bed, time to read the Bible. Lights out by 11:05pm.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Week in my Life: Tuesday

I enjoyed Dusty's A Week in my Life so much that I thought I should try it myself! I've done my average day, but my days are all so random that there really isn't an average day. So here's the average week - which really isn't that average! Read more about a week in my life here
6:30am - Alarm goes off and it's time to pump. I have my pump and parts set up on my nightstand so I don't even have to get out of bed.

6:55am - Quick shower

7:06am - Jarrod has gotten Wesley, changed his diaper, and brought him to me to nurse.

When we're done nursing, I check his mouth for teeth. I do this all the time and have since he was 3 months old and started drooling and chewing... But today...We have a tooth!!! It's just peeking through on the lower left side.

This is what happens when we're getting ready in the morning...
7:37am -  I am ready and it's time for breakfast! Jarrod and I tag-team - making breakfast and eating, while also feeding and entertaining Wesley.

7:50am - Out the door of a little late. Head to work.

8:35am - Arrive at work at the same time as two of my favorite coworkers. We chat and catch up until after 9am. It was fantastic.

9:10am - Eat a piece of cinnamon cake in the break room. DELICIOUS. Pump in my private room. Talk to both Dad and Jarrod about donating to Philip's 3-day for the Cure. Help him meet his goal! Wahoo!

11:40am - Drive to a lunch meeting. Pump in the car after I get there.

12:05pm - I am meeting a coworker/team member for lunch. I meet her in her office. We visit for a while there while she finishes up. Then we head for a Thai restaurant for lunch!

2:15pm - We've solved a lot of the world's problems and I'm heading back to the office. I pump in the car before getting back to the office.

2:40pm - Back in office. Freezing in my office again. Brought a sweater today but spilled breast milk on it so its in the car. Space heater on...

Super fun afternoon with the coworkers lots of laughter in my office. It's noisy and distracting, but I really love where I work.

4:45pm - Pack up to hit the road for home!

5:20pm - Traffic wasn't bad and I get home relatively early! We play, clean up, change clothes, and I toss bread on the oven for dinner.

6pm - Family walk!

6:30pm - Back from our walk and the bread is done. It's time for dinner! We have corn bread and stew. I probably should have taken a picture of that... It was delicious!

Happy bathtime boy!
6:45pm - Bathtime for Wesley! When he's clean and in his jammies, it's time to nurse.

7:05pm - It's time for Wesley to go to bed. We say our prayers and put him to bed.

Johnson's family cleaning time! I do the kitchen and litter box while Jarrod does the bathrooms. I also lightly vacuum to get ready for our friends coming over on Thursday night. We both pick up and put away things that have been left out. After a quick shower it's time to relax.

8pm - We watch a little Best Thing I Ever Made before New Girl! New Girl is hilarious, of course. My stomach has been bothering me all week so I opt to go to bed early. We DVR Private Practice for another night.

9pm - I sneak into Wesley's room and snuggle him in his rocker.

After I put Wesley back in his crib, I wash up and get in bed. I'm really feeling awful. Jarrod and I read the Bible until about 9:30pm and I crash. I took a Dramamine because my stomach is still really bothering me. That definitely helps me crash!
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Pinterest Challenge: Turkey T-shirt for a Toddler!

Wesley isn't quite a toddler, but he's definitely not an infant and moving quickly from being a baby! 
 I'm back with another Pinterest Challenge craft! I warned you that it was coming last week.  Perhaps you'll remember my crusty bread, Ooey Gooey Rocky Road Cookies, homemade yogurt, fabric storage box, last year's Halloween costume, and the pumpkin bread that I posted yesterday. I obviously love the Pinterest Challenge because it forces me to get my behind in gear and do some of the things I'm constantly pinning. A huge thanks to Katie and Sherry for hosting again and our new friends Sarah and Carmel who are joining as hosts for this round!

I found this awesome t-shirt on Pinterest. It's from an Etsy seller and I was pretty sure I could recreate one for Wesley. I had already checked out the "My First Thanksgiving" shirts, bibs, and onesies at Carter's and Target. None of them were special enough for my fancy kid.

First I went to Joann to pick out some fabric. I already had stripes and wanted to match that. I purchased blue, green, white, and red fat quarters.

After I purchased fabric, I got a little brown t-shirt from Hobby Lobby. I had fusible interface at home as well at pins, a needle, and thread to match...or sort of anyway...

Supply List
- Red for turkey gobbler (what's the technical term?)
- White for the eyes
- Blue, brown, or black for the center of the eye
- Orange for the beak
- 4 different colors for the feathers
Except for the feathers, you only need tiny pieces of fabric. The feathers aren't large either, though.
Brown t-shirt or onesie
Thread to match the fabric
Fusible interface - just enough for the fabric pieces
Needle, pins, and scissors
Pattern - Available as a .jpeg and .pdf below

The first thing I did was get out all my supplies. Then I cut out my pattern pieces. First out of paper so I could pin them to the fabric and interfacing. I've found it easiest to cut the fabric and interfacing out at the same time so I pin the pattern piece to the fabric and interfacing and then cut them out. I begin by focusing on the turkey face before worrying about the feathers.
Once my fabric pieces are cut, I line them up on the t-shirt. I pulled the pattern out but kept the pins in so I could pin them to the shirt when I found a good spot for them. Once I had them where I wanted them, I removed the pins and got ready to iron.
I should note that I didn't use two sided fusible interfacing. I should have, but I didn't... Instead of sticking my fabric to my shirt, it just stuck the fusible interfacing to the fabric. That worked out because it will keep the fabric from fraying and makes it thicker - I really like the look. But next time I'll use the two-sided kind.
 Once the pins are out, it's time to iron! I iron the pieces to the interfacing. I am careful to keep the pieces in place and as soon as I'm done ironing, I pin them so they do not move.

I opt this time to hand-stitch the pieces to the shirt. I've used the sewing machine before, but this time I decided to do it by hand. I wanted more control than I'm able to get with my machine. I also wanted a more "homemade" look. Homemade in a good way...not in a crazy way that I normally get with the sewing machine!

The stitching takes me a while, but I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

Once I finish the front, I begin working on the back. I choose 4 different fabrics and cut out the feathers in coordinating colors. Then I repeat the steps from the front.

Wesley wasn't really into getting his picture taken last night, but I did snap these couple so you could get a sense of what the t-shirt looks like on a little guy!

Obviously this could be made for a bigger child or a smaller baby. A little brown onesie would be precious as well!  

Click here to download the .pdf version of the pattern or save the .jpeg images below.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Pumpkin Bread

It's Pinterest Challenge time again! I'm inspired by Katie and Sherry to get moving on some projects on my pinterest boards. (They are joined by Sarah and Carmel so be sure to check them out too!) I'll share another idea tomorrow on the REAL pinterest challenge day, but today in honor of Menu Monday, I'm sharing a Pumpkin Bread recipe. This bread is not at all like my crusty bread that I made for the last pinterest challenge. This bread is sweet and delicious!

I make bread for visitors at church. Each month or so I bake 6-8 loaves of some kind of bread. I've made two different kinds of cinnamon bread in the past, but this month I knew I needed to make something pumpkin-y. I also knew that because it was a chaotic weekend of church activities, work, and crafts, I needed something relatively simple. I didn't want to spend an hour at the grocery store buying ingredients.

I found this recipe for Pumpkin Pie Bread on and knew it would be perfect. I adjusted a few things to make it work with what I already had in the pantry. I used 3 small loaf pans rather than two large ones because small loaves work better for sharing with guests at church.

Pumpkin Bread
adapted from

3 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
2 teaspoons of baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoons of nutmeg
1 teaspoon of kosher salt

3 cups of white sugar
1 cup of vegetable oil
4 eggs
1 (15 ounce) can of pumpkin puree

1/2 cup of water

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 

Mix the flour, baking soda, baking powder, spices, and salt together in a large bowl.
Beat together in a stand mixer (or hand mixer) the pumpkin, eggs, oil, and sugar.

I doubled the recipe because I can freeze the bread for later in the month.
Once the pumpkin is mixed together, mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients. It will be slightly lumpy and that's okay.

Grease your loaf pans. It will make two larger loaves or three small loaves. I also made one muffin and it turned out delicious. Pour the batter into your tins and fill about 2/3 of the way.

Bake for about an hour. If you're making larger loaves, they might take 70 minutes. For muffins, it will be closer to 45 minutes. Bake until a toothpick comes out clean.

Allow the bread to cool before pulling it from the pan and serving.
I wrap the bread in freezer paper and have frozen it for up to a month, although I'm sure it could freeze longer if needed. Store the bread in the fridge for best results.

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A Week in my Life: Monday

I enjoyed Dusty's A Week in my Life so much that I thought I should try it myself! I've done my average day, but my days are all so random that there really isn't an average day. So here's the average week - which really isn't that average! Read more about a week in my life here
6:30am - Alarm goes off and I take a quick shower.

6:40am - pump, read blogs, and check e-mail and facebook.

7am -  Put away milk, comb hair, and get ready as much as I can before I need to feed Wesley.

7:07am - Jarrod gets Wesley and brings him to me to eat.

7:10am - Wesley nurses and I send e-mails and snuggle. Nursing is about the only time during the day that he holds still for more than 30 seconds at a time.

7:30am - Finish getting ready for work while Wesley crawls around on the floor.

7:35am - Jarrod and I feed Wesley, make and eat breakfast, and chat about the day.

7:45am - pack up and leave for work

7:47am - I have my car loaded and my GPS ready to go (I know how to get to work, but my GPS alerts me to traffic, so I use it everyday!) and realize I am forgetting something. I need to take a package to the post office but have left it in Jarrod's car.

7:50am - Jarrod gets the package and I get Wesley dressed. I'm back and on my way to work!

8:30am - Arrive at work and get down to business! I've been out of the office since Thursday morning so I have some voice messages to catch up on.

9:40am - Stop by the post office to mail the package. Normally I'd walk because it's only about 1/4 mile, but today I'm just stopping on my way to the chiropractor, so I opt to drive.

9:50am - Chiropractor. I have a standing 10am appointment every 2 weeks. While I am waiting I check email and blogs. Pump in the car.

10:20am - Back in my office.

12:10pm - The lunch room gets noisy so I head to pump. My office is just a cubicle (perhaps I'll share a picture later this week...) so I pump in a secluded back closet. Normally I can pump in my car between appointments, but when I'm in the office, I use the closet.

Stack of books on my desk that I'd like to read by January...
12:35pm - back at my desk.

1:15pm - heat up brown rice casserole and work thru lunch It's freezing in here - my space heater is on!

4:45pm - Shut down, close up, and head for home.

5:25pm - Arrive home. Favorite part of my day! Wesley is so excited. I am convinced he calls me Mama. Jarrod thinks it's just babbling. :-) I change clothes and sit down to chat with Jarrod... Notice there's a package for Wesley!
Cowboy boots from Granddad and Mimi!

5:45pm - Dinner time! I have tortillas with cheese. My stomach has been very upset lately, so I opt for something simple. Wesley has puréed fruits and veggies, puffs and brown rice and chicken casserole. Jarrod has nachos. Jarrod and I chat about our day and enjoy time as a family. When Wesley is done with his food, he nurses for a few minutes.
Wesley makes this face whenever we put food near him...
And after that first taste, he likes just about everything we feed him!
6:25pm - Leave for a meeting

6:56pm - This meeting us near where I went to college and graduate school. I love being in my old stomping ground!

8:40pm - Awesome meeting! Great conversation and delicious salted caramel hot chocolate.

9:05pm - Arrive home. Take a quick shower, put on my jammies and get ready for bed. I'm exhausted!

9:30pm - It's early, but I'm already in bed. I pump while Jarrod and I read our Bible passages for today. We talk about life, I put away my milk, and the lights are out by 10:30pm.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Week in My Life: Sunday

I enjoyed Dusty's A Week in my Life so much that I thought I should try it myself! I've done my average day, but my days are all so random that there really isn't an average day. So here's the average week - which really isn't that average! Read more about a week in my life here
5:30am - Jarrod's alarm goes off VERY loud!

5:39am - Jarrod's alarm goes off VERY loud...again! He gets up, showers, etc.

7:07am - Jarrod says goodbye. He's off to work/church. Wesley and I will join him in a few hours. It's time for me to get up! I pump and catch up on blogs before ever getting out of bed.

7:30am - 5 ounces of milk pumped and I hop in shower.

7:41am - It's amazing to shower on Sunday without worrying about Wesley. He's still quiet in his room, but I'm sure he's awake. Because he's quiet, I decide I have time to comb hair and sort laundry.

7:51am - I change Wesley's diaper and it's time for him to nurse. Sometimes I bring him back to bed with me but this morning I decide to nurse him in the rocker in his room. 

8:04am - Breakfast time! I get Wesley settled and heat up edamame, spinach, and apple sauce. Thankfully, I had the sense to have it in the fridge ready to go so I don't need to defrost anything. Lunch is also packed so I grab that while I'm in there.

8:25am - Breakfast and cleanup done. Time to get ready!

8:33am - Thanks to a few minutes before Wesley woke up, mama's ready. I'd hoped to be out the door by 8:30am...that's not happening.

Wesley has a huge poop while I'm getting ready, so getting him dressed takes some extra time.

8:44am - On our way to church. I try to arrive early to greet visitors, but I'm a little bit late today.

8:45am - Realize I'm out of gas. Already running late what's a little later?

8:57am - Struggle to get Wesley out of the car and get all of our stuff to the church. It's very windy! Arrive early. Thankfully a friend grabs Wesley because I'm asked several questions before I've even entered the church. I run around for a few minutes before settling in for worship.

10:19am - After church and visiting with folks, Wesley and I run errands. My list includes jeans, a flea collar, butter, and searching for cowboy hats for my boys.

11:15am - Jeans purchased at Kohl's and we're headed to Target! Thankfully it's in the same shopping center as our lunch location. I park at the restaurant change and feed Wes.

12:09am - I found everything I need at Target and walk back to the restaurant. Wesley is settled and we wait for our friends to arrive. Wesley does a great job and is mesmerized by the TVs. There is a noon Cowboys game so we sit in a restaurant with about 700 TVs. Wesley still manages to pound down Spinach, bananas, sweet potatoes, and more edamame.

1:30pm - Lunch is over... and just in time! Wesley was getting fussy. He's been awake all day and is exhausted. He falls asleep in the 10 minutes it takes us to get home.

1:55pm - Wesley is asleep and Jarrod is resting so mama goes for a walk!

2:30pm - Jarrod has to get back to work soon so I just get 2.5 miles in. I talk with Jarrod about church stuff, try on my new jeans (he approves!), and write a few e-mails.

3:07pm - Wes is awake! Jarrod needs to leave, so we both say goodbye. Wesley gets a diaper change and  nurses.

3:30pm - I move Wesley's pack 'n play into the kitchen and get started on dinner. We're having brown rice and chicken casserole. I decide I'm also going to start on stew for later in the week.

4pm - I decide take a break from dinner to watch TV, blog, and play with Wesley. Welsey's not interested in playing by himself and needs my undivided attention...

By 4:15pm I am back up was getting stew ready and making biscuits - wearing Wesley in the Moby because he refuses to be put down.

5pm - Decide to go for a walk.

5:01pm - Realize that the stroller is in Jarrod's car at the church. Back inside.

5:30pm - Dinner in the oven. Wes in the bath.

6:05pm - Start dinner for Wesley. I give him puffs because he's getting fussy.

6:15pm - I finally sit down and feed Wesley. He is a bottomless pit! Perhaps this is why he was so fussy...

6:30pm - Jarrod arrives home and we sit to eat. Wesley is mostly done so we give him some applesauce and oatmeal. Then he eats more - some of our dinner. It's the first time we've given him table food. He seems to like it!

6:50pm - Diaper change for Wesley. It's time to go to sleep. Normally he gets a bath now, but on Sundays I do it before Jarrod gets home to save time.

6:55pm - We read Wesley a story and I feed him. We pray and put him to bed.

7:05pm - Wesley goes right to sleep. I edit photos while we wait for Once Upon a Time. We like to start our shows 15 minutes into it so we can skip commercials. I grab a small glass of wine.

After Once Upon a Time (not that impressed with this week's episode. They keep adding in new characters and I'm not sure I like the characters they already have!) it's time for Lie to Me and ice cream! We've been watching Lie to Me on netflix and LOVE it.

9:30pm - Check on Wes, switch a load of laundry, run the dishwasher and get ready for bed. Somehow I've managed to do 4 loads of laundry today without ever documenting it...

Get ready for bed! My evening routine includes getting cleaned up, pumping, and reading the bible readings for the day. Jarrod and I are reading the Bible in a year using YouVersion on our phones.

10:30pm - I finally turn out the light.
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