Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cake Smash

The moment of Wesley's first birthday that I was most looking forward to was the cake smash. We got some incredible pictures that really tell the story. It was hands-down one of the best moments of my life. I'm thrilled that we have so many great photos of it.

Rather than tell you about it, I'm going to pass the keyboard over to Wesley to narrate the experience from his perspective.

Hi, friends! Last week I turned one so my mama and dad had a big party. They invited all of my friends and made me eat new food.

I was a little suspicious when everyone began singing. I'm always a little suspicious when mama is that excited.

I wasn't really sure what was going on at first. I hate being strapped down and wanted to get out and play. She insisted that I stay put. Mama wanted me to eat this big thing. She's so silly!

I wasn't sure, but mama let me taste some of this stuff. I tried to stop her. I'm always a little worried she's trying to poison me.
Turns out she wasn't poisoning me! Icing is delicious and completely safe. I'm never really sure how to eat things this big so I used the tactic I'm most comfortable with...
That's right, friends. I just put my whole mouth on the cake.

Amazing! I don't know why I haven't had cake before, but you can bet I'm going to insist on it at least 3 times a day from now on!
It wasn't fluke captured by the camera, this is how I ate the cake. With my whole mouth. It just makes the most sense.
Cake is so yummy!
Mama insisted on getting my hands in the cake. I was so mad at her! She knows I hate getting that dirty...
At first I was really sad, but then I realized that Mama does know best. The cake was delicious and having it on my hands gave me even more cake for my mouth!
It's not poison, guys! It's just cake! And it's so good!
Don't worry, I got cake all over my pants. Mama worked so hard to get my hands messy and prove to me how delicious the cake was. But once I figured it out and started really having fun, she took it away!
I remember this picture. I was so happy. I was eating my cake, my people were all cheering for me, and things were good. Right after they took this picture, they took away my cake and put me in the bath. Normally I love the bath, but it took me away from my people and my cake. I was so not happy, but I got over it.

Mama and Daddy haven't given me any cake since my birthday party, but I know they will give it to me again. I can't wait!
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