Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love. {Lenten photo-a-day challenge}

I'm participating in the Rethink Church Lenten Photo-a-Day Challenge. To read more, click here.

This is my kitchen table on Thursday nights. Nearly every Thursday night we open our home to our chosen family. We eat, share, laugh, and pray. They love my kid and my kid loves them. We are babies, couples, singles, married, unmarried, in college, seminary, and graduates. This particulate Thursday we had bacon night in celebration of Uncle Ben's birthday. We had bacon mac and cheese (if I had a recipe, I'd share it, but it was finished before I even got home from work!), bacon and blue cheese salad, some bacon/sausage meat log, margarita cake balls, and candied bacon and caramel ice cream sundaes. We bring out folding chairs so that we can all share around the same table. Wesley and Kennedy play, scream, and eventually sleep. Soon we will welcome a new baby into the mix. It's a beautiful time that I love very much.
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