Thursday, March 21, 2013

Being a mom is hard.

Earlier this week a new mama and dear friend sent me a text message. We discussed how hard it is to be a mama - it's not for sissies! As non-mamas, we didn't believe it when people told us. As a younger person, I always thought I was above the tough mama stuff of legend. I was smart, experienced, and married an incredible man. The tough-ness of being a mama would escape me.


Being a mama is so hard. Even on the easiest of days, it's so hard. Skye recently wrote a brilliant post about waiting until you are married to get pregnant. I challenged her to write a follow-up about labor and delivery. Things get real, folks. Really real. And there's no alcohol allowed in the L&D room.


Anyway, being a mama is hard stuff. You don't believe anyone until your nipples are raw, you've leaked milk on your sheets, and you can't remember the last time you brushed your teeth. Motherhood is trial by fire, even for the most prepared!

Beyond the simple challenges - is he eating enough vegetables? How can I keep him safe when he's not with me? How can I keep him safe when he IS with me? How do I get him to stop climbing the dish washer? Will he remember me just saying no all the time? Will non-organic chicken make him develop ADHD or diabetes? What about red dye? - there are more complex challenges.

How will I raise him to be a remarkable man?
Can I encourage him to chase his dreams?
How can I be sure that he has high self-esteem without learning that the world revolves around him?
How can I cultivate his faith to be his own?
Will he make good choices?
Is he paying attention to everything I do?
If he is, how can I be sure that I am a good mentor and role model?
How can I balance raising a remarkable young man AND making sure the dishes are done, diapers are clean, and house isn't condemned?

Seriously, those are just the thoughts bouncing around in my head at this exact moment! I don't think mamas talk about how hard it is enough. I think we get wrapped up (especially because of blogs, facebook, and instagram!) in how everyone else is rockin' parenthood. We need to live up to everyone else's lives and don't talk about how we're all drowning. But we are, right?

I failed as a mama today. In many, many ways. At the end of the day, I pray that Wesley knows I love him more than I ever thought I could and I love his daddy just as much. I pray that my little man knows what an incredible and precious child of God that he is. I hope that he will thrive in our family because Jarrod and I teach him respect, love, and how to have fun.

If you failed today too, join me in making tomorrow a better day. I'll be praying for you.

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