Saturday, March 9, 2013

Faithful. {Lenten photo-a-day challenge.}

I'm participating in the Rethink Church Lenten Photo-a-Day Challenge. To read more, click here.

Let me preface this picture with the fact that I've been trying to get Jarrod to commit to TV-free nights for about 3 years. He LOVES watching TV. It's relaxing and it's downtime for us. But there are days where I'd love to do something besides watch TV. Jarrod wasn't having it. Last week something clicked and we decided that it was time and we had our first no TV day!

We were faithful to the no TV day and spent the day taking absolutely everything out of our closet and only putting back the things we needed. We ended up with 6 trash bags full of things to donate, one bag of clothes to give to friends, and a clean and organized closet! I wish I'd taken a before shot because the difference is amazing. We also did the hall closet and it looks great too. I'm so thankful we were faithful to the commitment we made to no TV for 24 hours!
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