Friday, March 29, 2013

I almost didn't start. {Jon Acuff's book Start}

The voices of fear are fierce. They speak softly at first when I get some grand ideas that I can change the world. They say things like:
Someone better has already done that. The world doesn't need more of that. People probably won't like that you said that. You're going to make people mad. It's a whole lot of work. Spend your time being normal. 
Those voices put a stop to my creativity and dreams. They tell me I'm not good at my job. They tell me I'm not the best mom. They tell me my husband could do better. They tell me not to write a blog because no one wants to read it. How does fear creep in your thoughts? What do you do to turn it off?

Recently, I was handed Jon Acuff's book Start. With the book came an opportunity. The test was to drive as much traffic to this unique link as possible. In return, I'd win a trip to Nashville to have dinner with Jon Acuff and Dave Ramsey in September. I immediately began to think about how I could win. I was daydreaming about where we'd go to eat, what we would talk about, and everything I could learn from Jon Acuff and Dave Ramsey over dinner.
Start by Jon Acuff
Click the image to learn more. 
Then fear entered. I began to doubt myself.
Your little blog doesn't generate that much traffic. Someone else will want this more. Don't even try if you can't win. It's a waste of time. 
I almost didn't start.

And then I heard Jon Acuff's voice in my head
You control the starting line. Punch fear in the face. Take the dangerous path and be awesome! 
It doesn't matter if I win, it matters that I tried. This month I'm focusing on starting something new, moving from average to awesome, and punching fear in the face. If you follow me on twitter or facebook you've already see some quotes. Each weekday I'm sharing a meaningful quote from Start. Every Monday I'll be sharing thoughts and questions about two chapters of Start. We'll do chapters 1 & 2 next Monday and work our way through the book for the whole month. You can pre-order your own copy here - it comes out on April 22nd - my 31st birthday!

How do you control fear? What could you do if you turned off the fear and turned on the awesome?
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