Friday, March 1, 2013

Prophet. {Lenten photo-a-day challenge}

I'm participating in the Rethink Church Lenten Photo-a-Day Challenge. To read more, click here.

No one has taught me more about unconditional love, grace, or forgiveness like this little man. Today he got his first real haircut. We have the bag of hair to prove it. I'll write more about the experience in a few days, but for today, he's my prophet. He makes me want to be a better person. He sees me for who I wish I was all the time. I love him something fierce. He messes up and makes me frustrated. I discipline him out of an intense love that wants him to make good choices and be the best little boy God created him to be. I want him to be a polite kid, but even more than that, I want him to be a Christ-follower. And I want to be a Christ-follower because I know he's watching me. 
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  1. I love that--"He sees me for who I wish I was all the time." Yes, they do, and especially at this age! I love when Camon just looks at me and grins...melt my heart!

    And yes, I want to be a Christ-follower because he's watching me. So, so, true. He's bringing out the best in me and the worst in me.

    I didn't know all that motherhood would entail. It's so much deeper than changing diapers and keeping him out of the street. It's changing who I am. :) I can't even wrap my mind around it all! But you hit several nails on the head with this post--thanks :)



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