Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shadow. {Lenten photo-a-day challenge}

I'm participating in the Rethink Church Lenten Photo-a-Day Challenge. To read more, click here.

In order to understand this one, I need to share a little secret about myself. I LOVE to swing. I had a swingset in my backyard when I turned 2 years old and spent the next 14 years swinging on nearly a daily basis. Everywhere we lived, I had a swingset until I turned 16. I switched temporarily to rollerblading until I went to college and lived across the street from a park with a huge swingset. Yeah, I was that girl - the one who was at the playground swinging on the swingset at 10pm. Some people thought I was a ghost. Anyway, I love swinging.

Today Wesley and I had a few minutes to kill. Our landlady and realtor were meeting in our home and we wanted to be out of it so we went to the park. While pushing Wesley on the swings, I thought about my love for swinging. It's been years (although not that many!) since I frequented the swings, but I remember the peace it brought me. As I saw Wesley swinging, and having such a great time, I think about the shadow I am leaving on him. I pray my shadow is grace, patience, kindness, peace, and lots of silly!
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  1. It's such a freeing feeling, isn't it? My girls love to swing. We've ordered a playset for the backyard so they'll have their own swings soon. ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog -I look forward to seeing you at Blissdom!



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