Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wesley's first *real* haircut

Wesley was born with a lot of hair. It continued to grow at an alarming rate. We started trimming it at home, but the past month or so it was just beyond hope. Wesley has a pretty intense triple cowlick on the back of his head, making his hair stand straight up. Jarrod insisted that the longer it got, the more likely it was to lay flat. This worked for a while, but eventually his hair was just too long.

Mama intervened and said it was time for Wesley's very first REAL haircut. We solicited our facebook family to ask for a local place that specializes in children. We got a fantastic recommendation not far from out house. A few Fridays ago, the three of us went there to see if they could help our little man look more like a big boy.
I wasn't prepared for the intense feelings - Wesley's or mine.
Wesley immediately freaked out. We weren't that shocked. Our kid tends to have a flare for the drama. They were super quick, really nice, and did a fantastic job, but Wesley felt like his power was leaving his body.
 Thankfully, although he was screaming, he didn't move around a whole lot.
We didn't give very clear instructions on what we wanted. Jarrod didn't want it too short but I wanted it short enough that I didn't have to work too hard to get it to look nice. We ended up with a pretty short, big boy haircut.
He immediately went from looking like a little boy to looking like a big boy. His baby fine hair is completely gone and now we can spike his hair and make him look like a little man.
Oh the clippers. He HATED the clippers. Which is funny, because that is what we used on him at home. Thankfully it was a short little trim with the clippers and he was good to go!
This is before she put a little gel in it. He already looks like such a little man!

And here's the finished product on our way home. He did great and now looks like a big boy! It took me a few days to get used to it. It's sad to think he's no longer our little baby, but he's such a fun boy that I'm loving this season as well. He looks adorable and still gets comments everywhere we go about how precious he is.

Of course we saved a small piece of his hair for his baby book. I have finished his first year scrap book and am starting to work on a new one for year 2. More on that soon!
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