Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What (not) to Wear {Blissdom 2013}

In the spirit of preparing for Blissdom 2013 I decided to steal Megan's idea and take pictures of my outfit options. This isn't the first time I've asked for your help on wardrobe options and I'm soliciting your help again.

I've been to many (many!) conferences before. Usually church or youth ministry related, although not exclusively. I always care what I look like and want to make good impressions, but I've ever really been representing a brand like I am at Blissdom. I'm so excited to meet new friends and want to be sure that I represent myself well.

That said, I won't be getting a mani/pedi (I did paint my own toenails though!), spray tan, or any other random cosmetic treatment. Unfortunately, my whole family has been on the most painful weight-loss plan ever this week, but that wasn't intentional. Even so, I hope my pants fit a little bit better - something good better come from this incredible stomach bug!

Without further ado, here are some of my outfit options. Because I've already picked out my first day option, I'm looking for a night option and two day options.
The black top in the upper left corner is satin-y with sparkles and lace. It's much cuter than it looks in this photo. In day option 1 you can pick shoes - the left side is a flowery sandal with a short heel and the right side is a mule pump with flowers. Also, I didn't accessorize at all. I have a scarf for option 2C and necklace/earing options for each outfit.

So, what are your thoughts? Too old to wear hot pink skinny jeans? Am I crazy for thinking I can wear spiked heels that I purchased before I was married, let alone a mama! :-) Weigh in, friends!

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  1. Night Out A, Day Option 1B, and Day Option 2A (loving this one! you look hot in hot pink skinnies!!)

    But..you are totally crazy for the spiked heels. You go mama!

    1. Thanks, friend! Jarrod said the same things! I might bring the black sweater if infer cold, but other than that, you picked my wardrobe! ;) I am also bringing the dress just in case I feel like a dress at any point during the weekend... But I probably won't! ;)



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