Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Because everyone deserves a lifetime

The tagline for the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure is "because everyone deserves a lifetime." Over the past few weeks I lost count of the number of people I'm praying for who are battling cancer. I have a list on my phone so that I can pray for them by name, but the list is getting incredibly long.
A sister battling ovarian cancer, a mother diagnosed with breast cancer, and a grandfather who learns he has prostate cancer, a mother who lost her battle and leaves behind 4 beautiful children...
In 2007 I decided that I was going to walk 60 miles in 3 days in memory of my grandmother who passed away before I was born. I knew a small handful of women who were also battling breast cancer.  I've walked in 6 Komen 3-day events since then, met hundreds of survivors and friends, and lost all of those women I initially started walking for. There are a beautiful group of pink angels looking out for me.

Since 2008 when I officially joined the Komen 3-day family, I have met countless fighters, survivors, and those who walk with purpose because they lost someone special. It breaks my heart each time I see a picture on someone's shirt with dates on the bottom. That represents a life cut short. Someone lost their lifetime.

This month two people in my world have lost their fight with cancer. One was Bridget Spence, a former coworker and incredible inspiration. Diagnosed with breast cancer at just 21 years old, Bridget spent 8 years fighting and living. She married her Big Man just a few months after Jarrod and I were married. She was never healthy enough to have a child. When I think about Bridget I live my life with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. She lost her lifetime just a few weeks ago and the world will never be the same because of her life.

I hug my little man tighter when I hear the news of diagnosis or death. I pray that we can find a cure before he ever loses someone in his life. I pray he won't have to live without his mama, Momo, Mimi, Nana, or friends because of cancer. I pray he will never worry about his wife losing her hair or breasts because of cancer. I pray for a cure.

And while praying is great, fighting is necessary too. You all know that the way I fight is to walk. Each year I make the commitment to walk 60 miles over 3 days while covering an entire city in pink because I believe everyone deserves a lifetime. Each year I am committed to walking and raising money to do something about cancer. In order to participate, each walker raises $2,300. This is not recommended, it's mandatory. Each year I've been able to do that because of you.

This year I'm asking for your help again. Would you please consider making a donation to join the fight against breast cancer? It's tax deductible and completely easy - you can make the donation online! I need to raise almost $2,000 and I know with your help I can do it.

  • If each of my facebook friends donates $2.11 today, I will meet my goal.
  • If each blog reader donates $4.80 today, I'll meet my goal.
  • If you donate what you can, you'll be part of the fight against breast cancer.
I believe in a world without breast cancer. Please join me in making sure everyone gets a lifetime. 

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