Friday, April 5, 2013

Better Mom Shots

Rewind to January of 2011. Jarrod and I decided to stop trying not to have a baby. The top of my wishlist was a fancy DSLR camera and a bicycle. I decided that if I got pregnant, I'd buy a camera and if I didn't, I'd buy a bicycle. Long story short, I bought a DSLR and that's how I told Jarrod that I was pregnant. As soon as I got it I began reading about how to use it.

I've read enough tutorials to know how to shoot in aperature or shutter priority rather than manual. Before having Wesley I practiced on flowers, our animals, and other people. I know how to adjust settings so that I don't use my flash. I know how to manage white balance and ISO. I know what shutter speed is and if I take 500 pictures I can end up with 1-2 that are decent. This is especially true because I'm fairly proficient in Photoshop. It can cover a multitude of sins. ;-)

I've always considered taking a photography class. I love taking pictures and love when I get it right - I'd love it even more if I could raise my ability to get it right! I almost bought a groupon for a class in Fort Worth. I almost signed up for an online class. I don't know why I didn't, but now I'm glad that I didn't...because I've found the perfect class for me!

One of the best things to come from Blissdom for me was a great new friend. I actually met Monica via a Google hangout with my sweet friend Skye the week before Blissdom. We were both newbies and were looking to Skye for wisdom and extroversion. I checked out Monica's website Flying Photo School before Blissdom and while it looked really cool it didn't tell me much about her. Then I met her in person and knew she was my kind of people.

Monica is passionate about helping people use their camera. She knows that moms (present company included!) buy expensive cameras but then struggle to use them beyond the automatic mode. She knows that is frustrating and wants to teach people to take the best photos possible. She developed a class especially for moms (but anyone can benefit from it!) who want to take better photos of their children. It's also the perfect class for bloggers who hope to take better photos of food or life.

I am so excited to call Monica my friend. I'm also incredibly excited to learn how to take even better photos. Obviously I think my kid is gorgeous but I'd love to capture more of his childhood, funny antics, and our family with my fancy camera. Here are some topics covered in Better Mom Shots that I'm especially excited about:
  • RAW vs. JPEG
  • Manual Mode
  • Metering (I don't even know what that means!)
  • Burst
  • Exposure triangle
Listen to Monica tell you about the course:

You don't have to be a mom to enjoy and benefit from this course! I encourage you to join along with me as I learn how to best use my DSLR! Check out Better Mom Shots!

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  1. Sweet! Yes, that's me--much better photos outdoors than in. I have gotten good indoor ones with my brother's multi-hundred dollar flash, but maybe there's a cheaper way too? :)

    Thanks for posting about this!



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