Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How I met the love of my life...

In 2007 I visited my future graduate school as a prospective student. I wore a brown corduroy skirt, leather boots, and a sweater. I carried a big brown bag from the Gap. I was too cool for school. Rather than join the other prospective students for lunch, I skipped out and went to lunch with my best friend and her classmates. I wanted to meet some new people. (Read: I wanted to meet some cute boys.)

We left campus and walked on an overpass to get to a restaurant across the busy highway. It was my best friend, a friend of her's named Jarrod, and me. I was anxious to get to the restaurant a cute guy was meeting us there, paying very little attention to the cute guy walking with me. Graduate school is really just about the cute guys. We ate lunch together and I was too focused on being awesome than I was about learning more about Jarrod.

Fast forward a few weeks. My best friend, my roommate, and I threw a party. We invited all of our friends. We drank sangria and beer while paying board games.
That's me in the white hoodie and teal t-shirt. Evidently when I was single I thought dressing like that was hot. I don't know why I didn't have a boyfriend... Right next to me, staring at me with lust, is Jarrod. He's wearing contacts, which he never wears, and chuck taylors. He still wears chuck taylors.

In 2008 I started seminary. I had a boyfriend at the time, but after my first year of school I was single again. I poured myself into schoolwork. I spent my free time in the basement of the library - my books spread out over a huge table. Jarrod was in his final year of seminary and he was often in the library at the same time. He chose a cushy gray chair also in the basement and would sleep between 12:30pm and 2pm when classes started again.

I judged him. Why would he pay money to attend classes and sleep in the library? Isn't school important to him? He must not love Jesus as much as I do. Perhaps I'm the only one who judges people...especially my future spouse.
That's Jarrod in the blue shirt on the left and me in the black dress on the right.
Turns out, he was working very hard and had a really tough semester. He graduated that May. In July, our best friend got married. We flirted the whole weekend we spent at her wedding. I gave him every test I could think of and he passed with flying colors. He made me laugh and didn't care that I was a huge nerd. He loved that I enjoyed my Sunday school class and I loved that he was a professional worshipper. It didn't even matter that he was living in Louisiana and I was living in Dallas. Something exciting was happening and we wanted to see what God was doing with us.

After that weekend, we talked, texted, and continued flirting. We spent time on the phone and a few days later I was driving 8 hours to spend time with him face to face. We prayed together and talked about important issues in our lives. Within a week we were "facebook official," which was terrifying to me. By Halloween we were engaged and we were married the following 4th of July.

How did you meet your spouse or significant other? How do you hope to meet your future partner? 
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