Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kitchen Wish List

In honor of my birthday next Monday I will be sharing some interesting wish lists this week. Today I'll share some of our favorite kitchen gadgets that either we have or we want. Tomorrow you'll get Wesley's wish list, toys and useful items for a toddler. On Thursday it's Jarrod's turn to share what is on his wish list. By Friday you'll be waiting on the edge of your seat for my wish list. And I promise that you won't be disappointed!
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1. Cuisinart Greenware

We didn't get new cookware when we got married, so we're still using Jarrod's almost 10 year old set he got as a bachelor. I'd love non-stick but eco-friendly cookware and this one looks like one of the best! It has just about everything we'd need, including a steamer. Plus, it doesn't emit harmful gases. When we opt to replace our cookware, this is likely the set we'll purchase.

2. Stoneware Oval Casserole dish, loaf pan, and aluminum baking sheets (with more Silpats!)

If we are going to go green with our cookware, we should definitely go green with our bakeware too! I love the colors and styles of the Rachael Ray Stoneware casserole dishes. They are funky, colorful, and functional. I especially love the ones with the lids! And I think they would match our fiestaware also. The glass loaf pan isn't sexy, but it is necessary. Our non-stick ones are not only bad for us but they no longer non-stick and our bread gets stuck. Finally, aluminum is environmentally friendly and the silpats eliminate the need for non-stick!

3. Black and Decker Blender

Our old KitchenAid blender died a few weeks ago and I was forced to hunt for another one. While I'd love a Blendtec or vitamix, I just wasn't ready to shell out that kind of cash. After reading this post from Dusty, I decided the Black and Decker blender was the one for me. Not only is it much quieter than our old KitchenAid, but it's sleek and works quickly!  

4. Food Processor

We got a food processor when we got married and I loved it. It sliced, shredded, and chopped. It was amazing. But after several moves, a few drops, and lots of cooking, it eventually saw it's end. Although we have a small chopper and a mandoline , I'm itching for a new food processor. This one is very pricey, but I think it could do everything I'd want it to and hopefully would last us more than 4 years. I love that this one has a nesting bowl and could see that being incredibly useful!

5. Ice Cream Maker

I've wanted an ice cream maker since before Jarrod and I got married. I love ice cream and think it would be so fun to make our own. Jarrod wouldn't even let me register for one...I think it's just because I wouldn't let him register for a frydaddy. Anyway, I think I've finally convinced him that an ice cream maker is an excellent idea and now that we have the KitchenAid mixer, this attachment is a no brainer.

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