Friday, April 19, 2013

Leanne's Wish List

In honor of my birthday next Monday I will be sharing some interesting wish lists this week. On Tuesday I shared some of our favorite kitchen gadgets that either we have or we want. Wednesday you got Wesley's wish list, toys and useful items for a toddler. Yesterday it was Jarrod's turn to share what is on his wish list. Finally it's my turn! I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seat for my wish list. The wait is over!

1. Shoes

I'm still wearing walking shoes I purchased before I was pregnant. Since then, they've seen hundreds of miles. That is embarrassing since I've written about how important new shoes are. It's beyond time for new shoes and while I'll likely get fitted before purchasing, I'm fairly confident that these will be my new shoes.

2. Energy Saving Outlet

I've been talking about getting one of these for years. I'd love energy saving outlets for the whole house - cell phone chargers, computers, TV, and accessories. This one looks awesome for the entertainment center. 

3. Maxi Dress - something like this with sleeves or like this without sleeves (from the Gap)

I've been toying with the idea of a maxi dress for several years and I think this is the year. Jarrod and I are headed to France later this year and I think a maxi dress will be the perfect way to travel in comfort and style. These look pretty but also comfortable enough to wear all day walking, traveling, and being outside. I could layer with a sweater or a jacket and flip flops or ballet flats.

4. Kindle Fire

Jarrod has one and I want one. I think I'm too thrifty for an iPad, although that would really be my preference of tablet. I already have a MacBook Air, so an iPad seems silly. In fact, so does a Kindle. ;-)

5. Travel Smart Adapter

As I said, Jarrod and I are headed to France and we will need at least one of these adapters for our electronics. We aren't going to travel with much, so we won't need one for everything, but we will need to be able to charge our phones a few times while we're traveling. 

My list revolves around a lot of our travel plans. Anyone have experience traveling in Europe to share? It's a business trip for me so we don't have a lot of time to sight-see or do things on our own. But we're excited and I'll share our experiences once we are back!

Links are Amazon Affiliate links, but all opinions are completely mine. I was not provided with any products but would be happy to review something if you want to send it! ;-)
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