Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 2013 Goals Update

We started this year by planning out our goals on a monthly basis. February slowed us down a little bit but our March goals were fairly simple. And I think we knocked it out of the park, all things considered!

Here are our March goals plus one left over from February:
  1. Become Debt Free - post-poned from February. 
  2. Jarrod reads one non-fiction & Leanne reads one book 
  3. Try a new recipe 
  4. Go on one date 
  5. Have one family activity 
  6. Leanne walk 75% of days
It was a crazy month! We all fought a wicked stomach bug over the course of a week or so. Couple that with a busy work schedule for both Jarrod and I, a weekend away (sabbotaged by illness!), and preparing for our move, we did pretty well!
  1. We are not debt free, but should be in a month or two, depending on deposits, rental payments, etc. on our new home. We are putting every spare penny in a savings account because of the move. We pray we won't have to touch it for deposits, but we will be paying rent on two places simultaneously and want to be sure we have an adequate safety net until we get settled. 
  2. We both knocked it out of the park! I read A Community Called TaizĂ© and Simple Harmony in preparation for our trip in May. I am also reading Start. Jarrod read several books including You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church...and Rethinking Faith and When Christians Get It Wrong.
  3. We actually tried several! My favorite was this veggie lasagna. I'm making it again this month - it was incredible!  
  4. Jarrod and I had an incredible date earlier this month. We're both HUGE fans of the talented Chris Tomlin and when we heard he'd be in Dallas we bought tickets! I actually bought the tickets in November and I'm so glad I did! The show was wonderful and the night out with my husband was perfection. 
  5. Besides all 3 of us getting the stomach flu at the same time, which was a family activity in and of itself, we also celebrated Easter at our church Easter egg hunt. More on that tomorrow, but suffice to say, it was very fun! 
  6. Jarrod's actually gotten really good at going for walks with me. We take a mile family walk together at least 3 times a week. Add that to the 2-4 miles I am going in addition or on other days, I'm walking probably 5-6 days a week. The weather has been nice more than it's been yucky, which really helps. I'm hoping that as it gets lighter in the morning and as Wesley continues to ween, I'll be able to walk in the mornings before work soon. 
I'll be coming at you this time next month to reveal how we did on our April goals. 

How did you do on your goals in March? What are your goals for April?

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