Friday, April 26, 2013

Wesley, the walking ninja!

A few months ago Jarrod was home with Wesley while I was at a meeting. I received a text message from him that said, 
Wesley just walked 10 feet because he thought I wasn't watching!
We knew our kid had the ability to walk, but we'd only seen him take a step or two. Turns out, he's a Walking Ninja! Unlike with most things, Wesley doesn't like attention on him when he's walking. He loves attention when doing just about anything else, but not walking!  

My kid can out crawl any baby I've ever seen. It's an incredible effective and efficient mode of transportation for Wesley. If I turn my back for a moment, or heaven forbid need to use the bathroom, Wesley will crawl through the whole house and end up playing with shoes in our closet before I can locate him! I thought that because he was such a quick crawler, that he would be a fast walker. I expected him to walk by 11 months or so. I was wrong!

When he hit his first birthday and was still not walking, I was concerned. He was pulling up on things and was developmentally average, but my mama-heart was breaking because he wasn't "advanced." I know I shouldn't rush walking, but I want my boy to be the best at everything! Jarrod and I started practicing with him and giving him opportunities to walk assisted - with a walker, push toys, our hand, etc. 

He quickly found games in pushing chairs around the room, but was not walking unassisted. Crawling was simply the quickest option! We weren't "concerned" but we were trying to do the best we could to assist Wesley in walking when he was ready. I addressed it with his precious teachers at school. At first they didn't tell me anything - they'd learned the hard way that mamas can get hurt if they aren't the first one to see their baby walk... Around this time Wesley started taking steps here and there. Nothing consistent, but we knew he was capable of walking.

His teachers started talking about Wesley walking at school. One day he spent his time playing soccer at school - walking and kicking a ball all over his class. If you gave him a lot of attention, he wouldn't perform, but he was perfectly capable and comfortable walking at school...just not at home.

It took him several weeks before he began walking unassisted at home. Our boy, who is normally one to seek out attention, was practicing when no one was looking. He didn't want the cheers when we'd catch him and definitely didn't want attention until he'd perfected his steps. We started calling him the walking ninja.

Thankfully, he's no longer a ninja and now walks everywhere we go. He is learning the importance of holding a hand, but really prefers his freedom. He walks the full hallways to his classroom at school and when he falls, he pushes himself right back up again. We are so proud. 

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