Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 Goals Update

We started this year by planning out our goals on a monthly basis. Each month I bring you our update... After "knocking it out of the park" in March, April was a bust. We stayed on track, but things have changed incredibly in our life since we made these goals. It's a little disappointing to see it in black and white, but I suppose that's accountability.

Here are our April goals:
  1. visit Nashville to scream, "We're debt free!!!" 
  2. Jarrod becomes a certified candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church 
  3. Jarrod reads one non-fiction & Leanne reads one book 
  4. Do something special for Leanne's birthday 
  5. Try a new recipe 
  6. Leanne walk 75% of days
I guess it's really #1 that upsets me so much. We still aren't debt free, so there was no trip to Nashville this month. It's okay - we'll be debt free very soon. We've push pause on our debt snowball for a few months. We are in the midst of a big move, job transition, and a lot of travel. In June or July, we will hit play again, put all of our savings on debt, and be debt free, God willing. Once we're debt free, we'll plan our trip to Nashville. It pains me that we're not debt free yet when I was so sure we would be when we started the year. But we're still on target and will be before too long. 

1. Nope. 
2. Yes! Jarrod was certified on April 17th! If you're not familiar with the ordination process in the United Methodist Church, certification is the first door to walk through in the journey to ordination as an Elder. It's a very exciting opportunity for Jarrod and our family! 
3. Done and done. I read Start, which I still recap for you very soon! Jarrod read When Christians Get It Wrong
4. We did! We went to the zoo for my birthday and it was the best present ever. 
5. Jarrod made these corn cakes and avocado salsa. They were decent, but Jarrod realized after the fact that he forgot the eggs. They would probably have been better with egg in the batter. 
6. I did. Because of Start  I've been waking up at 6am each day to walk at least 2 miles before Wesley wakes up. It's an incredible way to start my day. It also ensures that even if I don't walk in the evening after work, I have done 2 miles. On the weekends I've pushed myself to do 4-6 miles and it feels great.

Did you set goals this month? How did it go? How do you keep momentum when you've failed to meet some goals?
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