Friday, May 31, 2013

Better Mom Shots

I wrote several weeks ago about how excited I was to go through the 30 day photography school, Better Mom Shots. My plan was to go through the whole program over the course of 2 months or so before taking a trip to France. Because Better Mom Shots is an e-book you can go through each lesson per day for 30 days. I planned to go really slow, learn while I went, practice, blah blah blah. However, because it’s just videos and worksheets, you really can go through the whole thing in a day or two, if you choose… Because I got lazy before I went to France, I ended up doing the whole 30-day program in just a few short days before we left for France!  

I downloaded all of the videos before we left and watched the last 15 or so videos on the plane. It was a great way to kill some time on the plane. I read through all of the worksheets and took notes. I didn’t have my camera with me so I read through my notes with my camera once we arrived in France.
Even though I technically raced through the book, I am thrilled with the results! I’ve read multiple blog posts and articles about how to capture the best photos. I’ve read about aperture, shutter speed, what f/stop means, and how to adjust the ISO. But frankly, it never stuck. I needed to know how to take photos inside or of landscapes, practical information. The timing was perfect and I’m incredibly thankful that I had the knowledge to test over the next 10 days of photographing my time in France. Monica explained the exposure triangle so perfectly that when I picked up my camera in France I knew exactly what I needed to do! I wasn’t confused, I immediately could shoot in manual after 2 years of just dipping a toe in the pool of manual.

I cannot tell you how valuable it was to have the skills I got from Better Mom Shots. In France I took photos of people, stained glass, landscapes, in low light and lots of light, in the rain and in the sunshine. Even with these drastically changing lighting scenarios and subjects, I never got frustrated with my camera. I was able to easily estimate the settings, watch the light meter, and shoot! Some situations were really challenging – the Eifel Tower at night, very low light group shots, and gorgeous countryside.

If you have a DSLR and don’t know how to use it, struggle with the right settings, are still shooting in automatic, or get frustrated with your camera, Better Mom Shots is for you. Not a mom? That’s okay! I promise that none of the class has anything to do with being a mom! It’s all applicable to any novice photographer, no matter what your preferred subject!

Check back over the next week or so. I’ll be sharing my photos, stories, and travel tips from our journey to and from Paris! Update: here they are

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. However, I wasn't compensated for this post at all. I just LOVE Better Mom Shots and want to make your life better and your pictures awesome. 
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