Friday, May 24, 2013

Coffee Date Friday

I wasn't able to get a vlog for this morning, so I'm going to write to you as if we were having coffee today!

If we were having coffee today:
  • I would tell you that I've had a very busy week of travel. One that I'm excited to share with you in June! 
  • I would probably show you our front hall closet in our new house - it is home to 3-4 winter coats,  my BOB stroller, and an awesome Dyson. The BOB and the Dyson are two of my favorite things that we own. I love the BOB because it makes taking Wesley for walks possible. And I love the Dyson because my sweet Aunt and Uncle bought it for us when they were visiting. My uncle said, "Hey! I'm taking you to Costco and you can get whatever vacuum you want!" And off to Costco we went. I absolutely adore my new Dyson. It's beautiful and makes vacuuming fantastic! 
  • I would tell you about this delicious meal I made a few nights ago. We had 3 chicken breasts, 1/2 an onion chopped, one sweet potato, mushrooms, and about 6 small yukon golds. I decided to cook the chicken breasts in a dutch oven with a little bit of olive oil. Once they were cooked, I pulled them out and shredded them in the kitchenaid. (toss them in and run it on low with the paddle attachment until the chicken is shredded) While the chicken was shredding, I cooked the onions while chopping the potatoes into small pieces. Then I tossed in the potatoes and sliced mushrooms and salted everything. I let the potatoes cook for about 30 minutes or until they were tender. Then I noticed that we had some ranch seasoning...We normally don't use packaged seasoning, but I bought the ranch to make salad dressing once and thought it would be good on the potatoes. I sprinkled that on the potatoes, stirred it up, and added the chicken. I let that cook for a little longer until everything had time to get friendly in the dutch oven. Bam. It was delicious. 
  • I'd tell you about how hard it is to travel because it means time away from my boy. I hate missing so many moments with him and cannot wait for things to settle down a little bit! There's still more traveling this summer, but he will go with me for most of my trips. Yay!
  • We tried to teach Wesley baby sign when he turned 6 months old. We started with more and moved to all done. He didn't pick it up quickly and it didn't help with communication. We still use more and all done, but opted not to introduce more signs because they weren't helpful for him. He's become much more vocal recently and has mastered many words, including more. I decided the other day that it was time for him to learn please. I went to hand him his pancake and said, "Say please, Wesley." and he signed please. Seriously? Way to go, new school. You rock at teaching my kid things I can't. 
What are you up to today? What would you share with me if we had coffee? Have any awesome plans for Memorial Day?
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  1. Part of P's crazy developmental growth spurt has been more language, both sign and verbal! It's been awesome! She rubs her belly with both hands in a circular motion when she says, "Please" in ASL. Too cute!!!



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