Friday, June 28, 2013

Coffee Date - Keeping it Real

This week I'm keeping it real. Things are tough for incredibly superficial reasons around here and I wanted to let you know. :-) Also, if you haven't signed up to get a free coupon for delicious iced coffee, check it out here! Thanks for having coffee with me today! And thanks to youtube for the awesome screen shot. I swear it was the best of the 3...

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  1. I have never done a cleanse but I read 7 by Jen Hatmaker and when I finished I was determined to try and live on the 7 foods for a month like she did in the book. I could not I manged a week but was so bored with the food. I came out of it with a much greater appreciation for variety in my diet even though before it felt like we where eating the same thing over and over. Good Luck Leanne the strength to do this I admire!

  2. I haven't read that yet but it's on my list! Perhaps it should move higher on my list! :) I am glad I am not the only one!! :)



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