Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

I took a few days off. I didn't intend to do it but I ran out of things to write about. Or I lost motivation to write about things that were going on. I have several posts floating around in my head and another few in draft form, but haven't put the energy into writing them.

Anyway, until I find the motivation to write posts with substance (and a few without substance) you'll get a post about Father's Day. Because it was awesome.

It began with Batman jammie jams. Because that's how good days begin. Wesley also learned how to play peek a boo. Epic awesome.

After a walk and play time we went to church. First Sunday school and then to worship. Jarrod preached and made Wesley and I look really good. Which is awesome because Wesley was running around the room like a crazy person and not really making us look good.

After worship Wesley and I took Jarrod to sushi for Father's Day. Wesley didn't want any edamame, but he did eat soy sauce. Awesome. 

We had a wonderful time. It was short because we didn't get to lunch until after noon and Wesley hadn't had a nap... When we got home he went down for a nap and Jarrod put together my new dresser! I will write a post with the details and better pictures soon, but for now, she's amazing and gorgeous! 
After Wesley's nap, we decided to check out the splash park not far from our house. Wesley loves bath time so we thought he'd enjoy the park. 
Wrong. He hated every second of it. He wouldn't let me put him down and screamed the whole time. We'll probably try again sometime when it isn't so crowded, but this time was an incredible failure.

So instead we blew bubbles in the bath and that was a win! Ultimately we celebrated Jarrod as the best Daddy Wesley could ever have! It was a wonderful day!

How did you celebrate the dads in your life?
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