Monday, June 3, 2013

May 2013 Goals Update

We started this year by planning out our goals on a monthly basis. Each month I bring you our update and share how we've been doing on our goals. May was an incredibly busy month. We moved, worked incredibly hard, prepared to leave Wesley for nearly 2 weeks and spent 11 days in France. I can hardly believe it's over. I still wake up in a panic in the middle of the night because I'm worried about getting it all done. June will be busy as well, but at least we'll be home and sleeping in our own beds a little bit more!

Here are our May goals:
  1. Move and get settled in our new home 
  2. Jarrod and Leanne safely travel to Taize, France 
  3. Jarrod reads one non-fiction & Leanne reads one book 
  4. Have one family activity 
  5. Leanne walk 75% of days

1. Done and done! I'll be sharing more soon, including pictures! We bought a new mattress, couch, rug, desk, and dresser that are helping it all feel more like home. I plan to sew curtains, pillows and a few other things over the next month or so.  
2. Done and done! We made it there and back safely and I'll be sharing more about our experiences, traveling internationally, leaving our boy, and the spiritual experience we had in Taize in the next few weeks. 
3. Done and done. I actually listened to the latest James Patterson book, "12th of Never" in the Women's Murder Club series. I know listening doesn't really count, but that's the best I could do. Jarrod  didn't finish any of his non-fiction books, but he did make a dent in several. (You'd think that with 60+ hours of traveling we did to get to and from France, we'd be able to read many many books!) 
4. We did a couple of random things including furniture shopping (which was pleasant!), an open house for a friend, and a children's concert at church. Nothing too special so we'll keep working on this one...
5. I definitely did. The first part of May I continued to get up at 6am to walk at least 2 miles before work. We walked everywhere in France, both in Taize and Paris. It's gotten a lot hotter in Texas now, so hopefully it's cool enough at 6am to continue walking before work!

What to expect in June...

  • Check back on June 10th for my Farmers Market review as I connect with other bloggers and the wonderful mama behind Saving By Making, Diana! Want to share the goodness (or not-so-goodness that is your local farmers market? It's not too late to join in! Want to know about farmers markets from around the country? Check out Saving By Making the week of June 10th! 

  •  I'll be sharing our experiences at the Taize monastery, traveling around Paris, tips for international travel, our experience leaving our toddler for 11 days with little to no contact, and a few other thoughts about our France journey.
  • I plan to write more about our desire to adopt and share more about where we are on this journey.
  • Now that we've been living in our home for one month (officially, although that includes our time in France as well!) perhaps I'll share a house tour with you! We're making ourselves at home but it's taken a while and I'm excited to share some of that with you! 
Did you set goals this month? How did it go? 

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