Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fundraising Failure!

When I wrote this post, I intended to keep you informed on how the fundraiser was going. I didn't. I updated on facebook, but didn't have my act together enough to post that over here. I said the fundraiser would conclude on July 4th, but didn't give you any reminders. So sorry.

If you intended to grab an envelope and make a donation because you believe in a world without breast cancer, it's not too late!

Just as a reminder, here's how the fundraiser works:
I hope that each of you reading this to take a virtual envelope. Imagine a wall of envelopes, each with a number on it from $6-$60 on them. I’d like you to consider taking an envelope and making a donation for that amount. That means 55 people making donations for $60 or less. Can’t donate much? Pick a low envelope and donate today! Want to make a big impact, pick a larger envelope or even choose to donate more than $60!

Just click on the envelope you'd like to take and enter that number in the box next to, "Enter an amount that's meaningful for you." Having trouble? Click here and that will take you directly to the donation page.

Remember, many companies match, making your donation go even farther in the fight against breast cancer! 
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