Monday, July 22, 2013

Hometour: Living Room

I'm embarrassed that we've lived in our home for almost 3 months and I haven't shared any information about our new house. As I'm sure you can understand, with a toddler underfoot, it's nearly impossible to find time to take pictures when the house is clean and the sun is up. Last night I finally decided it was time. The pictures aren't perfect, but if you wait for something to be perfect, you'll wait forever!

Here's the view from the front door. There is a short entrance, with a closet on the left side. The entryway opens directly into the living room.
On the left side when you enter the front door you will find hooks for purses, backpacks, and keys. On the otherwise we have a picture collage of photos from our trip to France.

This is a view of the front door. I recently took the panels we had covering the glass sliding doors and made a curtain for the front window. It is double-sided, so it looks good from both sides. It covers a lot of the light, but it also keeps the dog quiet when people walk by our home.
One you are inside, you'll see that this house has gorgeous built-ins (made a little less gorgeous with our collection of toys and balls on the bottom 3 shelves!), a huge fireplace, and lots of windows!
The door on the far left is a huge walk-in closet for storage. The door to the left of that is the central air system. The master bedroom is directly across from the utility closet and the other bedrooms are down the hall.
The sliders are old, probably original to the home, but they allow a TON of light! Like I said, we did have curtains up, but I recently took them down. I'm working on choosing fabric for new curtains. I haven't decided what I'm looking for yet! There's also a great bar/pass-through to the kitchen.

Turning around, your view from the sliding doors is the newest piece of furniture.
This sidebar is fantastic. It has 2 large drawers, is in perfect condition, and will provide us a ton of extra storage. We purchased it from a vendor on craigslist who had recently refinished it. It's in perfect condition but is distressed black with ornate handles. We're not sure what we're going to do wit it yet, but we are looking at replacing the hardware to something a little more modern. I'd love to paint it a funky color like kelly green or bright yellow.

This whole area is tile. The entire house, minus the bedrooms, are completely tile. It's awesome! We quickly purchased a large rug to anchor the living room and make for a better play space for Wesley.

That's the main living area in the house. I don't know that our kitchen will ever be photo-ready, so I might just need to bite the bullet and share it with you as it looks on a normal day. The next room I'll share is our office because pictures there were easy!

What does your house look like on an average day? Is it photo-ready or chaos like mine?
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