Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 5th Photoshoot

On the morning of July 5th we woke up, got dressed, and went outside for some family photos! We haven't taken any family photos in a while and I wanted to get some documentation of Wesley turning 18 months (which happened a week later). I got our tripod, remote, and did some lighting tests before Jarrod brought Wesley out and we began shooting as quickly as possible.
The first set of photos we did were of us standing in front of a tree in our backyard.
Jarrod held the remote and hit the 2 second button to give him a minute to put his hand down.

At this point, Wesley was about done. We switched things up again and took a few of Jarrod and Wesley together.

Our next few photos were of the 3 of us sitting down on the rocks in front of a tree.

Wesley was about done after this so we let him just run around in the backyard. 

One photo I really wanted to get was of us "swinging" Wesley. Don't worry, we were very careful and held his arms carefully so they don't pop out of socket. This is a huge fear! 

A few wardrobe notes:

  • My dress (it's like this one) and shoes are from Target. 
  • Wesley is wearing a plain black t-shirt that I dressed up with a tie using extra fabric from this pillowcase project.
  • Jarrod is wearing a shirt from Express for Men, his fave. 
A few photography notes:
  • We tried to start as early as we could, but it got very sunny. That's one huge thing I'd change but it's always sunny around here and we opted for a time that was convenient even though we knew the lighting wouldn't be ideal.
  • I wish I could have taken the photos myself rather than use the tripod because some of the focus is off, but I got to be in the photos with my family. Yay!
  • I'll sing Monica's praises again - Better Mom Shots is awesome! 
  • Jarrod got a little confused on the light meter and the photos of Wesley and I are completely blown out. It's okay - I'll make him take photos of us again soon! 
How do you get good photos? Do you have pictures of your whole family or are you always the one behind the camera?
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous job! Great photos and I'm impressed with your tripod usage, beautiful photos of your beautiful family!

  2. Thanks!! We have a great tripod, Erin, and it worked GREAT!



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