Friday, July 26, 2013

Logo Design {Elizabeth Givens Web Design}

When the Walkin' Sista-tas decided we needed t-shirts, I knew we'd need a fantastic logo. I also knew we'd need someone who would support us and understand the unique nature of designing a logo with tatas in the name...

Elizabeth Givens Web Design was absolutely incredible to work with. I contacted Elizabeth with a few ideas and asked if she'd be willing. Elizabeth jumped on it and had something to me within 24 hours. Here's the info I gave her:
I think having cartoon girls walking, maybe in converse sneakers would be cool... I like the colors gray, pink (hot pink or pale pick) and white would be good. We want to have the logo on pink, white, gray, or black shirts - we haven't decided yet. Basically, the sky is the limit!
Not at all specific or helpful, I'm sure. And here's what she came up with:
I know, right? The crazy part is that we only made a few minor tweaks from her original idea because she intuitively knew exactly what we needed. The changes were putting us in capris and not shorts, minor hair changes, a change in eye color, and... yeah, that's all.  I'm the cute curly haired girl on the right, Courtney's in the middle with red hair, and Susan is on the left with the blond hair. The shoes on our feet are just like the logo from our previous team. Which is amazing!!! Elizabeth rocked it!

She also made a one-color version for the t-shirts you saw yesterday. Doing a full color shirt for a fundraiser didn't make much sense, even though they'd be so cute. What we will be doing with the logo is making a flag for the 3-day!

If you need a logo, web design, custom photography, or other publicity materials, I highly recommend Elizabeth at Givens Web Design!
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