Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Adoption: The beginning

Since I was a little girl, I've felt the call to adopt. I cannot describe it, but something inside of me has always known that I would adopt. I knew that there were lots of children who needed loving homes and even as a child, I knew I could provide that. Long-time friends will remind me that there was a time when I was sure I didn't even want to be pregnant. My desire to adopt was stronger than my desire to birth a child. (I'm CRAZY thankful that I had Wesley!)

When Jarrod and I were dating, he got on board with my desire to adopt. He wasn't really sure and we wrestled with it, but he's slowly gotten on board completely. I wasn't sure where our baby would come from, but I was confident he or she was out there somewhere. Just like it took Jarrod a little while to get on board with my desire to have a natural birth, he is now completely sold on adoption. And just like last time, it took a video this time too.

This past weekend we watched Stuck, a documentary about international adoption. I sobbed through the whole thing. I couldn't get the images out of my mind. It literally rocked my world. The more I've prayed about and researched adoption, the more I've felt called to international adoption I'd love to have a rainbow family with children with lots of different skin tones. I'd love to provide a loving family to children who might not otherwise have one. I know international adoption is hard, especially now that I've seen Stuck, but I'm up for the challenge.

At this point, we have completely decided on international adoption. We'd like a little girl (for 8 generations that we know of, the Johnston men only make boys...) and we'd like to preserve birth order. Ideally, we'd love to bring her home in the next 18-24 months. We are open to a waiting child with correctable or minor special or medical needs. That's the extent of the decisions we've made. We will begin saving for the adoption by December. We hope to start our application process prior to that and do the home study sometime around the first of the year.

We have not decided on a country. We have not chosen an agency. We'd like to do one or the other in the next few months. We're interviewing agencies right now and are hoping to narrow it down and choose a country sooner than later. We obviously have no idea what we're doing. Even the decisions we've made are loose as we learn more. We are completely open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we continue through this process. We are praying that God brings the child that needs us to us sooner than later.

We'd LOVE advice! I'm researching everything. I'm reading blogs, learning about accreditations, and researching countries. If you have information I should know, please share! If you know what country or agency we should use, let me know! We are thrilled to begin this journey!
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  1. A former neighbor of mine adopted their daughter from China 18 months ago. She was 3. Let me know if you want her contact info. I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you.

    Also, another person I know adopted both of her children. I don't think they were international adoptions but if you want to talk to her, I'm sure I could make that happen, too.

  2. Check out the blog, Under the Sycamore. Ashley Ann lives in Oklahoma and brought her daughter home from China last September. She is a remarkable woman and has an entire portion of her blog dedicated to the entire (it's so in-depth it's amazing. it feels as if it's her personal journal, documenting her dreams, fears, and desires for her daughter) adoption process.




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