Thursday, July 18, 2013


I cannot wait until we can scream those words straight into Dave Ramsey's microphone, but for today, the airwaves of this little blog will have to do. That's right - on Sunday night (after our paychecks hit out account!) I paid off our final debt. It was Jarrod's student loans from seminary and I'm so thankful that they are finally gone!

If you are new around here, please check out some of our financial journey. It started before this blog, but you can read about how we began attacking debt from the beginning of our marriage and how we can have $3.5 million in our retirement accounts if we start now. That post was really a huge motivator for us to keep going. It's been a VERY long journey! Jarrod and I have been collectively paying off our debt since we got married in July of 2009. Prior to that I spent 2 years feverishly paying off a car, three maxed-out credit cards, and student loans that I thought might last forever. (Private university all on loans in order to be a youth minister wasn't the greatest idea...) Jarrod began paying off his truck and credit cards quickly as soon as we got engaged. In July of 2009 we had $115,586.16 in exclusively student loan debt - no other debt and no assets at all...except 4 expensive degrees!

This post takes you back to the beginning of my financial journey and the scary anxiety that made me begin this journey almost 7 years ago. Sticking to a budget meant that I could sleep at night. It removed the financial stress in my life. When Jarrod and I began dating I knew that being on the same page with regard to money was essential if we were even going to be serious. Thankfully he jumped right in and working together financially has eliminated so much tension in our relationship. While we didn't quite meet our goal - it took a few months longer than we intended - we're most certainly on the same page and have continued to work together. Throughout this long journey, we worked together to cut the budget as much as possible if we ever got lax.

On one hand, it feels like it's been forever since I began this journey. I started this as a single, innocent, hard-working young woman. I'm now a 30-something mama living my dream - great job that I love, fantastic husband that I love, and the most precious boy on the planet. I am so excited that we're finally here. On the other hand, I cannot believe we're here already. I don't know that it's sunk in yet.

Over the next few weeks I'll share with you more about what we plan to do now that we are debt free. We aren't loosening the reigns quite yet - our eye is on a few other prizes before we can change our lifestyle even a little bit. Our goals include adoption for sure. I'm really digging in, researching, and praying about the direction God is leading us.

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Are you debt free? Are you stressed out about money, wondering how to make the change? Here's hope - you can do it!! 
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  1. I love this post!!! Cannot wait until it's my turn to announce debt free!! Way to go!

  2. Oh wow! You sure have come a long way. Congratulations!!!!! I too follow Dave Ramseys plan.



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