Monday, July 15, 2013

Whole Living Challenge Recap

Jarrod and I are done with the Whole Living Challenge! I initially said we would go for 4 weeks, taking the optional 4th week, but we've decided not to do that. We are adding things back in VERY slowly, though! So I guess we're still sort of on track... Here's a little recap...

Our first week was tough, but the second week went really well. By week 3 it was old hat, really. Definitely challenging, but as long as we were home, it was great. Even eating out got easier. I have to do a lot of eating out for work and I managed to do really well. I had a delicious smoked salmon salad on spinach greens with a curry dressing - YUM! It's not something I would have tried if I could have gotten chicken or turkey, but it was incredible.

This week we were really into the swing of things. We got into the habit each night of chopping, peeling, and getting everything ready for the next day. I'd pack Wesley's lunch, we'd pack our lunches, chop veggies for dinner, and make sure that we have everything ready for our smoothies. Some nights it would only take about 30 minutes or so and others it was closer to an hour. We roasted veggies for dinner the next night so we didn't have to wait when we got home from work. It was hard and not what we wanted to do after a long day, but it worked.

We had delicious food this week. One unique thing we did was chop and saute asparagus and toss it with sweet potatoes and quinoa. We roasted the sweet potatoes with onions in the oven, sauteed the asparagus on the stove with olive oil, and then tossed it together. We served it over spinach greens and a dijon dressing. Really delicious. I expect to continue having delicious food and a lot more vegetables than we had before. I'll write more about this later, but we picked up our first CSA drop this weekend. It was awesome and I'm so excited too eat delicious produce that has been locally grown!

I know many people say that they don't have cravings at this stage in the cleanse, but I do. I'm not missing meat at all. I'm only missing cheese a little bit. Occasionally I crave a diet coke, but then I remember the damage it does to my stomach and I get over it. When I'm really missing is chocolate chip cookies and cake. I'm a HUGE sweets fan and I miss them. The candy aisle at the grocery store gets me. The bakery at the lunch place taunts me. I miss icing. I wish they didn't. I feel weak.

Jarrod's lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 lbs. I've lost 2 lbs. I'm not proud of this either. The first week or two I was doing great, but once we could eat grains again, I went a little crazy. Turns out I have a carb problem. :-) This was an incredible experience and I really feel a lot better. We have experimented with different vegetables that we wouldn't have without this cleanse. We've eaten almost exclusively vegetarian (with the exception of a few fish items when we're eating out) for 3 full weeks.

I plan to go very slowly into old food favorites. I don't know that I'll be having meat anytime soon. I think I'll have diet coke much more sparingly. I hope that I'll be able to say no after 1 cookie and not 17. :-) I'm definitely looking forward to wine again, but probably even more sparingly than before.

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