Monday, July 1, 2013

Whole Living Challenge - Week 2

Well, we made it through week 1. I can't say we didn't cheat. We did. But we tried really hard and we didn't quite make it 100% and it was much harder than I thought! This week we get to add in gluten-free grains, beans and lentils, seafood, and organic soy. Wahoo!

Here's how things went down last week...

Monday - Intense headache all day for Jarrod. I did pretty well until 3:45pm. Then I wanted to die. We went to bed at 9pm.

Tuesday - Woke up with a little bit of energy, but no more than usual. By 9am I was starving. Starting to get tired of nuts and raw broccoli. Suffer through the day knowing that days 1 & 2 are the hardest. REALLY looking forward to day 3!

Wednesday - Handled Wesley by myself and still got to work on time! Winning. Jarrod ate french fries after working in the sun all day. I had a meltdown after several hours of darkness in my soul. We talk and make some adjustments. He's allowed one cup of coffee - no cream or sugar. I can have one slice of homemade bread a day. We will jump ahead a week and add in some gluten-free grains and beans. I had one and it made me feel gross. Maybe the gluten was a bad idea! We went to bed at 9pm.

Thursday - Woke up with little energy, even after going to bed so early! Made it through the day. Had lentils for dinner for the first time and they were yummy. Feeling hungry, but much better. Maybe we've made the turn!

Friday - I went out to eat with friends for the first time! I got a salad and didn't realize it came with feta. I picked off as much as I could. It also came with a tiny chocolate chip cookie and I ate it too. It was delicious. :-) Other than that, we're both doing really well. No cheating for us except Jarrod's one cup of coffee in the morning. We made our second big grocery run for produce. We spent about $75 at a local produce stand! We are set for another week!

Saturday - It was a very busy day of work and travel. We both did alright and I'm super proud of Jarrod for bringing his own lunch to a class where lunch was provided. He said no to chicken fried steak and ate broccoli chickpea salad instead. We had quinoa for dinner and it was incredible.

Sunday - Jarrod woke up in the middle of the night with terrible heartburn. Nothing was helping and it was actually moderately terrifying for me. Thankfully he eventually went to sleep and woke up feeling better. I'll say that indigestion has been challenging and we've both felt bad from time to time. I imagine that's because of all the vegetables we're eating. We both had sinus headaches all day long. But it was a great day. We're starting to feel better and are enjoying this process.

Since we decided to skip ahead to week 2, nothing is really changing this week. We hope to continue to feel better and better. I'm slowly noticing my stomach hurting less and Jarrod says he's feeling much better. I'm not as sold on this process as I was, but I'm going to do my best!

This week we are eating black bean-brown rice patties (with avocado, tomatoes, olive oil, and lettuce), banana oat pancakes, quinoa porridge, and vegetable lentil stew. I'm feeling pretty positive that this week will be better than last!
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