Monday, July 8, 2013

Whole Living Challenge - Week 3

Jarrod and I are in the middle of the Whole Living Challenge. Our first week was tough, but the second week went really well. We were tested...we hosted a 4th of July open house for some friends and family on the 4th - complete with sangria, pigs in a blanket, chocolate dipped pretzels, and other delicious foods we can't eat. Other than a few exceptions on the 4th, we did really well and are feeling great!

Here's how things went down last week...

Monday - We rocked it. We tried a new recipe and it was DELICIOUS! We didn't make the sauce but instead made a dijon and olive oil sauce and we substituted sweet potatoes for the squash. It was incredible.

Tuesday - Energy is back and we're really doing well. I was traveling today and had to eat lunch out. I did really well! I packed my own snacks and had sushi for lunch. I skipped my normal choices with sauces and deep fried deliciousness and had simple rolls like avocado. YUM! Even after a day of driving 7 hours, I was feeling good. Jarrod's doing really well too!

Wednesday - Jarrod worked really hard and avoided some temptations at work today. He helped make sandwiches and had to handle lunch meat. But he did it! I had a great day, took the day off, and spent the afternoon with Wesley. We had a picnic in the car and ate our packed lunches instead of going out. Just as fun! For dinner we went to a local Mexican place with my cousin and his girlfriend. We got fish tacos, no dairy, and beans. Not quite as good as it is with the cream sauce and cheese, but we stuck with it!

Thursday - We had some friends and family over for the 4th of July! We ate a healthy breakfast of quinoa porridge and lunch of lentil stew before everyone came over so we'd be full and not tempted to eat the food. We had lots of fruits, veggies, and hummus, but there was also beer, sangria, brownies, pretzels, and soda. It was so tempting! I think we both had a few sweet treats, but mostly stayed with healthy options. By 6pm my head hurt so bad. I think it was sugar overload. I had 1/2 a marshmallow and a small brownie bite. With dinner (veggies, black bean-brown rice patties, and guacamole) I had a glass of sangria and Jarrod had a beer. Surprisingly, we didn't feel terrible afterward. I was much more affected by the sugar!

Friday - We woke up feeling refreshed and ready to stick with our diet. We had pancakes for breakfast with green smoothies. We went out for dinner for our anniversary at a local vegan restaurant. That meant that everything on the menu was fair game, as long as it was also gluten free! We also opted for some of the naturally sweetened, no sugar added, sodas. BIG mistake. Upset my stomach and I won't be doing that again! Overall, the restaurant was incredible and we had a fantastic night!

Saturday - Jarrod woke up with a headache but we were feeling good. Somewhat sluggish during the day, but that could just be our body catching up with us from the junk we ate on Thursday. We took it easy and ate fairly well all day. We went grocery shopping for next week and enjoyed getting lots of veggies. We're having brussels sprouts, asparagus, and eggplant next week! 

Sunday - I was dragging on Sunday. I got up, went for a walk with Wesley, went to Sunday school, church, and lunch after church, but by 3pm I was exhausted! I'm not seeing the increased energy promised by eating a healthy diet. Perhaps it's some of the cheating we're doing... Jarrod feels good, but not as good as he expected. But he's lost 6-7 pounds, so I don't want to hear any complaining! :-)

This week we're eating a lot of roasted veggies, quinoa, brown rice, fruit salad, smoothies, and even some gluten-free pasta!
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  1. What Vegan restaurant did ya'll go to? I'm also in the DFW area and I've wanted to try a couple out.

  2. Andrea, We went to The Spiral Diner in Fort Worth. I hear there is on in Dallas as well. It was AWESOME!!!



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