Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Day in the Life...

I love reading what people do on an average day. My life seems fairly boring, but because  I'm having trouble writing, it might be time to share a little glimpse into the life of the Johnstons! If you want to read about a day in my life from other seasons of life check out this one, this one, or a whole week here.

Here's what we did on Wednesday!

5:30am - Jarrod's alarm goes off and he gets up to get ready for the day.

6am - My alarm goes off and I get dressed for a walk. I am out the door by 6:05am thanks to leaving my walking clothes in the bathroom the night before.

6:36am - Back from my walk. It was glorious, peaceful, and energizing.

6:45am - Out of the shower and Jarrod is getting Wesley up for the day.

6:55am - Wesley is drinking his green smoothie and I snap a few photos of Jarrod. It's his first day of class today!

7:15am - Wesley and I are just about done with breakfast. I had a biscuit with jelly and Wesley had Cheerios and a green smoothie. He asked for a few more 'Os' so I empty the dishwasher while he finishes up.

7:48am - Even though Wesley pooped, we are still out the door on time! He read a book on our way to school and this was the best shot I could get because he's rear-facing.
I drop him off at school and head to Starbucks to work.

8:18am - Drinking a soy chai latte while working from the coffee shop. I have an important presentation that I'm working on and have been procrastinating on finishing for weeks. I won't have to do it until September 7th, but I'm trying to finish it so I can begin practicing. I work on it feverishly only taking breaks to respond to e-mails and deal with a few other work items that need to be cared for. The presentation is for a huge event that I'm working on and there are a lot of details that need to be completed. Shortly after 9am the doctor's office calls me back and I schedule another appointment for my ear infection. They can see me at 3pm. Yay.

10:45am - Stopping only to put signs up in the parking lot, I arrive at the church for a meeting that I'm hosting. I visit Jarrod, who has already had one class and is back in his office working. The room is set and people begin arriving shortly after 11am.

2:15pm - I take down the signs and am outta there! I head home for a quick change into comfortable clothes and go to the doctor's office.

2:50pm - Arrive for my appointment. They have HGTV on in the waiting room, which rocks. I pay a copay for last week (I don't know why they didn't charge me when I was there last week) and this week. $60 I don't want to spend at the doctor.

3:15pm - I've already seen the physician assistant. Turns out my ear is not infected, but looks like my ear drum ruptured. She recommends a visit to the ENT. She's very nice, talks a lot about my symptoms (severe congestion, completely clogged ear, and sore throat). It's been 11 days since my first visit to the urgent care. I had a steroid shot and just finished 10 days worth of antibiotics. She suggests an allergy medicine and another round of antibiotics, just to be safe. I'm a little uneasy about the whole thing.

4pm - I swing by to get Wesley from school and we head home. I settle in to work from a chair in his room while he plays.

5:45pm - I finish up work and decide it's time for a little walk. Wesley and I shared a cookie after school so we're not hungry for dinner yet. It's gorgeous out and Wesley loves being outside.
6:20pm - We're home and it's time for dinner. Wesley refuses to eat the casserole I made and wants bread instead. He always wants bread so I decide to be tricky and put the casserole on bread. He ate the whole thing.

6:40pm - Daddy's home from school! YAY! Jarrod and I eat while Wesley eats a popsicle. (It's just melon and yogurt blended and frozen in IKEA popsicle molds!)

7:05pm - I convince Jarrod that it's time to stop goofing off with Wesley and take him to get a bath! While Wesley gets his bath I take a few minutes for myself. Normally we bathe Wesley together, but tonight I just need a minute. I make Wesley's lunch for tomorrow and answer a few e-mails.

7:15pm - I head to Wesley's room. We snuggle together and Jarrod reads us one book (The Napping Book) before we pray with Wesley. He sits up in his crib and holds my hand while Jarrod prays. (We take turns praying and I prayed last night, it's not a gender thing!)

7:30pm - Jarrod gets Wesley's diapers ready for the wash (we are VERY fortunate that our daycare allows for cloth diapering, but that leaves a nasty bag of poop for Jarrod to take care of at the end of the day) and I work on the budget.

7:45pm - Budget committee meeting! We had a lot of unexpected expenses this month (nearly $1,000 in car repairs!) and needed to go over everything for August. Once we balanced out August, we looked at September. We need to pay Jarrod's tuition for seminary this month so there isn't as much wiggle in our budget as usual.

8:10pm - Wine is poured, TV is on, and we're comfy on the couch.

9:20pm - Clean up and get ready for bed. We check on Wesley and he's sleeping soundly. I leave my walking clothes on the floor near my bed so that when the alarm goes off at 6am I get up! I read some of my book while I wait for Jarrod to get in bed. We read the Bible and talk for a few minutes.

10pm - Lights out!
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