Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hometour - Master Bedroom

I never meant to take a week off from blogging. I don't even know how it happened. I wrote about feeling in a funk last week. That funk turned into a throat and ear infection. Despite essential oils, powering through, lots of water, a steroid shot, and antibiotics, I'm still feeling under the weather. Actually, underwater is more like how I feel.

Rather than writing too much about what's going on in my life, I'm going to share more of our hometour! This stop is our master bedroom - it's where all the magic happens...Because it's where my craft room is! We've made a few awesome changes in there since we moved in. It actually looks better than I even imagined! It's not done yet, but it's well on it's way!

Here's the view from the doorway. It's a very large room and it's sectioned into two real areas. Plus the dressing room and bathroom area.
The curtains are from Wesley's room. We're slowing changing his room into a big boy space and I adore these curtains. I think they look great in our space. And actually look really different in our room than they did in the nursery.
The art above our bed is very special to me. Jarrod, Wesley, and I made it together. I love that it brings in some yellow. It also has pretty green and blue in it too.

The dresser is from IKEA and I customized it. I still adore it.

The other side of the room is dedicated craft space...and I LOVE it!
Jarrod wasn't completely excited about the pink legs I bought for this table, but I love it...
The large table gives me a lot of space to cut fabric, scrapbook, and work on my computer.
I have the storage bin with drawers on the table because of little fingers. Once he learns better I will put it back on the floor next to the bookshelf. It holds everything from scissors, pins, and a glue gun to notions and elastic. The bookshelf has my fabric stash, paper craft items, and lots of open space.
Here's more of the craft area. You'll recognize the light, birds, and wall hanging from Wesley's nursery.

Beyond the craft area is the closet, sink, and bathroom area.
Don't judge me for sharing our dirty laundry on the blog... This shot is really so you can see the new curtain!
It's beautiful. I used the extra fabric to make a new pillow for our bed. I need to buy another 1/2 yard to make a faux Roman shade for the small window in the bathroom. It's a very small room and I want to brighten it up with this pretty fabric. I didn't include a picture of the bathroom because it's about 3'x4' with a shower stall and toilet. The door opens in. It's not ideal, pretty, or picture ready. This is as close as you'll get...
There is a small window behind that door where the faux shade will go. I plan to replace the shower curtain with a light, bright curtain soon! The rugs in there are shabby and brown. We're hoping to replace them with white and green or white and blue ones as soon as we find them. The one outside the shower needs to be very low because the door has very little clearance.

There is still some work to be done in our bedroom - artwork for some of the walls and a lot of stuff done in the bathroom, but it's a soothing place and I'm proud of the work we've done so far. I'm especially proud that we re purposed the curtains from the nursery and they look awesome. :-)

How do you make your master bedroom a sanctuary? 
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