Monday, September 23, 2013

Do the right thing.

One of our favorite TV lines around here is from an episode of Psych called Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers. Shawn is listing the books of the Bible, "Genesis. Exorcist. Dooooo the right thing!" Jarrod and I quote it all the time. We're crazy for Bible jokes. And really  I wish everyone would just do the right thing. I'm not asking for the good thing or the Leanne thing, just the right things.

Things are happening in our small little Johnston world that I don't find "right." I don't think people are doing the right, just or equitable thing and it's not just affecting my family, but many (many many many many) people. I was telling some stories to a few girlfriends and said that I really just wanted people to do the right thing. (Something I'm sure is said about me often!) Little did I know, God was going to hit me over the head in just a few hours...

Last week a few girlfriends and I went to see Jen Hatmaker speak at a local church. I knew that it was going to rock my world because her books rattled my core. Not only was it a fantastic night with some of my favorite girls and I was surprised by some of my dearest friends, but also Jen Hatmaker was incredible. I literally laughed until I cried and had my soul rocked.
Someday we might be close enough for me to call her Jen, but that day is not today. Today she's Jen Hatmaker. Say it like it's one word.
Because of Jen Hatmaker, God moved in the most incredible ways. I literally felt the Holy Spirit lighting my soul on fire. Don't worry, I'm not sure what that means either. I'm going to just give you a recap. Be prepared for a random mishmash of thoughts.
  •  I almost peed my pants several times. Jen Hatmaker is insanely funny. She has the gift of deadpan. It's a gift I wish I had. She talked about spanx and compared them to breaking biscuit out of a can by slamming them on the counter. Seriously. So right. I literally pealed my spanx off in the limo moments after I got married. And I left them there. Knowing I'd NEVER squeeze myself in them ever again. 
  • Jen Hatmaker talked a lot about Eucharist. We focused on the scripture from Luke 22:14-20 where Jesus is transforming the passover feast into what we know of as communion. The passage most Christians know as "do this in remembrance of me," Jen Hatmaker translated as, "Constantly make this real." Jesus is telling the disciples something remarkable - after redefining a 1500 year tradition, he tells them to constantly make real the message of the Gospel. In our church we take communion once a week and I am very familiar with communion. I've studied communion theologically and practically. But do I constantly make the Gospel real for people? Nope. Definitely don't. 
  • We are the most privileged and resourced people on the planet. This is of no fault or favor of our own. How are we using the resources we've been given to constantly make the Gospel real for people? 
  • Everyone has basic needs and it's our job to meet them. We cannot talk systematic theology with someone who is literally starving. While I've never tried to talk systematic theology with someone who is literally starving, I have tried to talk systematic theology with someone who is completely unable to handle that craziness. This has nothing to do with education or intelligence and everything to do with meeting people's needs. 
I originally thought I'd write one CRAZY long post all about Jen Hatmaker, what I learned, and how the Holy Spirit is moving in my soul. But then it turned an incredibly long post, so I'm breaking into several posts. Get ready. Check back tomorrow to hear more about how the Holy Spirit is wrecking my life. ;-) 

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