Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm back!

This weekend I began to compose blog posts in my head again. I normally get ideas during the day and write then as I think of them - scheduling them for different days. So the days that I can't think of anything still gets a post. But then I stopped having ideas. I stopped composing posts in my head. I didn't know what I write about. So I essentially stopped writing. Without any warning or reason.

And this weekend I had a few ideas. You'll see them pop up this week. They include an embarrassing story and a recipe. Exciting stuff, folks.

But here's a little backstory as to where I've been. I became increasingly discontent with life. Not really my life exactly, but many large parts of my life. I became frustrated with our religious denomination, one that I've devoted my life and my family. Small frustrations became amplified by Jarrod's call to ordination. And I know you don't come here to hear me ramble on about denominational systemic changes. You also don't com here to listen to me complain. And I was doing a lot of complaining. At least in my head.

Small and large frustrations were magnified when we had to budget 4,000 hard-earned dollars to seminary tuition payment. That's one semester. Six credit-hours. Two classes. Just the beginning of a long line of 60 or so hours Jarrod has left. I started doing the math and got angry.

Since becoming debt-free, money has taken on new meaning for me. It means increased dollars for fancy food, a beefy emergency fund, and an adopted baby. I was angry

I'm working on becoming content again. I'm finding peace and energy. There is room for change and while I might not see it on the systemic level, it is definitely present in individual lives. We are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. I can focus on that every day and live into that calling. I can do what God has called me to do - transform, reform, and share love and grace with everyone.

So for now, I'm back. I promise not to bore you with denomination speak, but I may begin to add in more about our call as a family and how we are incorporating it into our daily lives.

How do you snap out of a funk? How do you find hope for change?
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  1. Hang in there, friend! Change is always difficult. I have been in a blogging funk since Palmer was born! Ha! Perhaps that will change soon.



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