Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Very Bad Trip

When we were in Paris there were movie posters all over town advertising a movie "Very Bad Trip 3." We laughed about the strange "translation" every time we saw the poster.

Last weekend the poster flashed inside my mind while walking down the cereal aisle at our local Tom Thumb.

Let me back up a little bit...

I love the idea of living in a walking city. A city where you can easily walk to the grocery store, work, and local restaurants. Jarrod hates this, but if there's an opportunity to walk somewhere, I'll do it. It doesn't happen often, as we live in suburbia and I work in the city, but when I can walk, I will.

On Saturday morning Jarrod had a meeting out of town. I decided to keep Wesley entertained by taking him to the grocery store. We didn't need much, but we did need the essentials for the week. I examined the list and decided we could walk. Everything would easily fit in the walking stroller. Decision made.
You can see that this isn't going to end well, I'm sure. Foreshadowing, folks. 
In my head, the grocery store is about 1/2 mile from our house. It's not. It's about 1.5 miles from our house. Still  not bad, a walk Wesley and I would do with ease. We got to the store with little trouble. I brought Wesley diaper bag just in case, which turned out to be added weight we didn't need. Better safe than sorry.

We sailed through produce grabbing bananas, mushrooms, potatoes, green beans and grapes. We got this, Wesley! I felt confident. I should know better.

We continued through the store - tahini, corn meal, ground turkey, salsa - the stroller is getting full. I have cans in the seat with Wesley, produce balanced on the sunshade, and ground meat in the pouch under the seat. We grab two half-gallons of almond milk (I had a coupon for 2, not 1)... Things started to get a little crazy at this point.

Wesley is completely done shopping. He wants to hold a can. He wants to hold the corn meal. He wants to pull every.single.tag. off the shelves.

One more item on the list. Chex. Gluten-free corn chex. Easy peasy, I think. They can slide under the seat and we'll be home-free!

We get to the cereal aisle and...thump. The front tire goes completely flat.


The stroller is completely loaded down with stuff and a toddler...who is not thrilled that we're still at the store. I struggle my way to the front of the store to check out. The thumping of the tire is incredibly loud. Perhaps not to everyone else, but definitely to me. I'm now the crazy lady pushing a toddler in a huge stroller, weighed down with a gallon of milk (among other things) and a flat tire.

Wesley and I manage to get through the checkout line. I opted for the self check out to limit my exposure. I grabbed a candy bar because I was starting to get faint from embarrassment. Once the groceries were bagged, I had to dig out the coupons. I had them in the bottom of the diaper bag. Naturally, this took more time than needed, but eventually I'd paid for my groceries and was ready to go. A long line formed around me. I hastily picked up my bags and practically carried the stroller to the door.

I took refuge in the small Starbucks section at the front of the store. I pretended to be playing with Wesley while I attempted to find a good spot for all of my groceries on the stroller. I had no choice but to completely weigh it down, causing the poor front wheel to deflate more by the second. Once I had everything relatively secure, I began my trek back home.

My arms burned because of the lack of steering. I had to avoid all curbs because the front tire couldn't help me. Wesley wasn't amused at all - I had cans piled up around him and took all his legroom for important things like tahini.

I wish I'd gotten pictures. I thought about it but that seemed too cruel at the time. I can laugh about it now, but I promise you there was no laughing on Saturday morning. I didn't even want to tell Jarrod about it because now he will NEVER be on board to walk to the store!

And frankly, he's probably right!

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  1. OHMYGOSH! Hilarious and torturous all at the same time.



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